If you think that Documentum has left its best days behind, there’s now reason toreconsider. Though the slumberingECM industrygiantmight have been caughtresting on its laurels for a wee bit too long,ithas now come back to life with the passion and theenergy of a newcomer who has something to prove.

Not only that, but there’s also a kicker. When it comes to contentmanagement, these guys know what they are doing and they have access tothe best-of-breed capabilities and treasure chest of its mothership,EMC.

EMC’s Information Intelligence Group (IIG)President Rick Devenuti made a slew of Documentum-related announcements at EMC World this week. So many, in fact, that industry veterans, users and practitioners say that they’ve never been as excited about the future of the technology that they work with.

“We’re going to have sexy, modern, easy to use, and just downright cool solutions to offer our users,” says an IT Manager from a Life Sciences firm whose company’s policies won’t allow him to be named. “It’s like coming home again, only your home is renovated, updated and filled with really cool new appliances, all of which are both leading edge and safe.”

Delivering on Promises

EMC IIG’s solutions all center around the strategy that Devenutiintroduced at EMC World last year: namely the company’scommitment to empoweringthe New End User in the PostPC era,acceleratingtheir customers’ journey to the cloud, enabling pervasive governance, andtransforming their customers’ businesses with solutions.

While EMC’s ECM leaders have sold its customers with well-polished, pretty promises in the past, the difference this year is that they’ve delivered.

"Last year at this conference when we introduced our strategy and our plans for new products and services people were skeptical. They wondered if we could execute,” says Devenuti. “Well, we did it,” he said then, together with his team, went on to unveil them one by one.

Planning for the Future

EMC Documentum D2

First came the announcement of the next release of highly and easily configurable EMC Documentum D2, which is geared forthe“New User” whodemandsa compelling, fast and modern user experience.

In D2 features can be simply turned on and off so that knowledge workers get access to highly personalized user experiences. The application is available for deployment in both traditional environments or hosted as part of EMC OnDemand, a hybrid cloud deployment model managed by EMC experts.

Learning Opportunities

OnDemand Applications

Next came the introduction of EMC IIG’s initial OnDemand application offerings, which leverage the hybrid cloud deployment model for enterprise-class applications. These hosted end-user solutions draw froma range of best-in-class technologies from VMware, RSA and EMC. The infrastructure can contain one or many EMC and EMC partner products and can be completely portable from one data center to another.

At present there aretwo new EMC OnDemandsolutions, one is the EMC Documentum for Life Sciences Solution Suite (whose capabilities will be expanded in time) and the other is EMC Documentum Engineering, Plant and Facilities Management (EPFM) solution.

Pervasive Governance

Third came the announcement of IIG’S Pervasive Governance capabilities. For those who might need an explanation, pervasive governance ranges from managing, controlling and protecting information within an enterprise, as well as to an extended enterprise with partners and contractors, to enforcing federated policies to information as it moves to mobile devices and through the cloud.

Documentum Mobile

EMC also introduced the delivery of the next release of Documentum Mobile, which providesInformation Rights Management to mobile content managed by the Documentum platform; extended capabilities for personalization and user experience; and expanded language support, adding Japanese and Simplified Chinese.

45 Certified, Validated Solutions

Next on deck came the celebration of IIG’s traction with its global partners who have built 45 certified, validated solutions in the first full year of its EMC Certified Solution Program (seems like the foreshadowing of an App Store). The certifications cover functional completeness, performance and scalability, security and interoperability and are meant to instill customer confidence.

Syncplicity Acquisition

And finally came the announcement of the acquisition of Syncplicity, which will provide collaboration opportunities the likes of which Documentum users have never yet had. ”Liberate your data and liberate your users,” is the sell for now and conference attendees were invited to take the enterprise edition of Syncplicity out for a 90-day spin free-of-charge.