Every so often up pops a rumor that EMC is going to sell Documentum. It’s not usually because of something that EMC’s chief executive Joe Tucci says, but more about what he doesn’t say: namely the word Documentum, or the acronym IIG (Information Intelligence Group), the part of EMC which owns the well-known content management platform.

It then goes to follow that when words aren’t spoken (or are barely mentioned), questions get asked. It’s better than to quash a rumor than to feed one, no?

So when the opportunity came up in the press room yesterday, I asked Tucci how he thought Documentum was doing, where he thought it was headed and so on... With other EMC properties growing at near exponential speed, what does he see for the future of the one whose growth has stalled?

“It (Documentum) was built as this big platform (that you would run applications on). If you were an insurance company, you might (use it for) loans processing or other companies might use it to run expense control,” explained Tucci.

“But that's not the way consumers want to buy anymore. They want to buy more SaaS-orientated (services),” he continued.

As a result, Documentum, and the solutions around it are being rewritten according to Tucci.
“I think you will see Documentum return to growth later this year or early next year,” he added, then affirmed that it would remain part of the company.

Later in the day, that became incredibly obvious as EMC IIG President Rick Devenuti spoke of IIG’s “magical transformation” and announced a whole new slew of Documentum-based solutions and services, as well as the acquisition of Syncplicity.

We’ll get into some specifics on those after we see them demoed later today.