Even before it opened its office in San Francisco in March, EntropySoft had been expanding at a tremendous rate. Since then it has released a number of new connectors and added functionality to Content Hub. This week, it has announced a partnership with IBM that will see Big Blue offering Content Hub Enterprise Edition with its enterprise content management offerings.

The IBM, EntropySoft Deal

While this partnership will really raise its profile, EntropySoft has already made considerable progress with other vendors in recent months including Integro, TEAM and e-Discovery vendor Zylad.

With this new connector, not only will EntropySoft extend the reach of IBM Content Integrator, it will also connect IBM to some of the biggest repositories on the go at the moment like SharePoint, Documentum and OpenText’s offerings.

The result is an enterprise content management system that will be able to synchronize content across most enterprise repositories using the IBM as the master content repository.

EntropySoft Content Hub Enterprise Edition (V5.2) for IBM Enterprise Content Management extends the capabilities found in IBM Content Integrator.

Part of the deal is that IBM will also be able to sell Content ETL Studio too. Content ETL Studio is a content process automation tool for enterprises that have more complex needs like system co-existence, records management or compliance requirements.

EntropySoft & Unstructured Data

If anyone is wondering about the growth of EntropySoft and why it is attracting so much attention, they only have to consider the problems that enterprises are having with unstructured content.

Quite a number of vendors are already aiming to make capital out of the need to tame this content, with new products hitting the streets -- or exposition stands -- at an increasingly rapid rate.

And it's not just niche companies either; some of the really big players are also involved here with Quest, for example, gearing up for the release of a new data governance solution that offers a new approach to the problem

Companies in every industry are realizing the complexities associated with managing, archiving and accessing unstructured data across their organization – be it on-premise or in the cloud…Because of this, we believe enterprise content integration will experience rapid growth over the next several years.,” said Nicolas Maquaire, CEO of EntropySoft.

EntropySoft's Growth

It seems hard to imagine that the content integration space could grow much faster than it is already, but that seems to be the message that EntropySoft is giving out and the one that it is building its business on.

In fact, it says that since it moved to San Fransisco it has gained considerable traction in multiple sections of the Northern American market, although it doesn’t say exactly where that traction has been, or the extent of it.

That said, it seems confident enough of its future progress to actively expand its sales and business development teams with a number of significant gains at the top of the company.

Marc Glomb, formerly with Seagate and Global IP Sound has joined the company as senior director of strategic sales and OEM business development, as has Bobby White, who was with IBM and Venetica, and who joined up as director of product management earlier this year.