Exclusive: A Perfect Prescription - EMC Documentum Buys Life Sciences Expert Sitrof Technologies

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The deal couldn’t be sweeter. Everyone wins. EMC’s Information Intelligence Group (IIG), Life Sciences Document Management consulting firm Sitrof Technologies and, perhaps most importantly, the long list of Pharmaceutical, Biotech and Medical Device firms who use, or plan to use, Documentum.

The demand for EMC IIG’s new Life Sciences solutions is booming, says John O’Melia, Vice President of Worldwide Services at EMC IIG (which owns Documentum.)“Our customers tell us that we've hit all the points to alleviate their pain,” he adds. And that pain has typically revolved around the critical Quality & Manufacturing, Electronic Master File, and Submissions Solutions that the FDA and its global counterparts require to bring remedies and keep remedies on the market and, therefore available to the people who need them.

EMC has a long legacy of serving the Life Sciences community; drug makers have used Documentum and Documentum-based solutions since the early 1990’s. When Devenuti took the helm at EMC IIG, he met with this loyal and very important customer base and discovered that they were wedded to the technology, but less than delighted.

And delighting customers was Devenuti’s mission.

So after identifying customer pain points (the UI, the configurability), EMC IIG’s Life Sciences team went to work buildingbetter solutions that areenterprise class, easy to use and built for the future.

These solutions have been so widely embraced by new and existing customers that EMC IIG is seeing more demand than its Life Sciences team can deliver. And it’s not only product demand that we’re talking about, but also the expert counsel that these customers seek when implementing or upgrading to the new solutions.

And Devenuti and O’Melia aren't about to let their customers be under-served, nor are they willing to offer them anything less than the expertise they want and need to be successful.These kind of experts aren'treadily available.

You Can’t Build An Expert In A Day, But you Can Buy One

“Our people need to have deep technical and deep industry expertise,” says O’Melia. A few weeks of training, a tour at a boot camp and a simple certification (though it’s a good start) won’t do.

And, as is often said, if you can’t build it, you buy it.

Learning Opportunities

Enter Sitrof Technologies

The solution to EMC IIG’s problem wasn’t too far away; in many cases the experts they needed were working with them side-by-side via EMC’s Information Intelligence Group Consulting Preferred Partner Program. And though each of the companies in the partner program employed grade-A professionals, one particular company stood out -- Sitrof Technologies.

It’s not hard to see why. A quick cruise through the Linkedin profiles of Sitrof employees reveals that many have more than a decade of experience working with Documentum, some have almost 20 years. Most have either provided consulting services to Life Sciences firms or been employed by one or more to tier pharmaceutical firms.

“These people know the technology, the terminology, what it takes to comply with regulatory requirements, the processes required to build life sciences submissions all the way to taking them through the FDA,” says O’Melia.

In other words, they’ve been there and done that.

The EMC IIG team was so impressed by what they saw that they bought the company. The deal just closed. Beginning Monday, EMC IIG will have 50 new Life Sciences ECM experts (to supplement the 30 they already have) whose services they can offer to customers.

It’s a perfect salve.

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