In a move to expand beyond its eZ Publish web CMS roots, California-based Granite Horizon announced a new partnership with Nuxeo, the open source document management platform. Nuxeo’s advance workflow management enables automation of business processes using their graphical design environment, and when combined with Granite Horizon’s strengths in web CMS, should serve customers well.

Group Synergy

“There is a nice synergy between enterprise CMS and web CMS solutions, and our clients frequently request this type of connection,” said Nuxeo CEO Eric Barroca. “Granite Horizon is an innovative company in a fast-growing space, and we are pleased to partner with them.”

The new alliance enables Granite Horizon to complement its existing web CMS offering with Nuxeo’s extensive content management technology, for functionality ranging from document management to digital asset management to case management, and more.

Greg McAvoy-Jensen, Granite Horizon executive director told us a key strength is Nuxeo’s ability to create these hightly customized workflows using the Nuxeo GUI.  “It’s a spectacular business process workflow engine,” he said.   

Learning Opportunities

Will Serve eZ Publish Customers Well

As the largest North American developer for eZ Publish, Granite Horizon also sees synergies for its existing customer base migrating to Nuxeo’s business process workflow services.  

“Instead of just the marketing content, our relationship with Nuxeo helps us take care of all the other business content, so we’re offering a more complete set of solutions for the businesses internal and external needs,” McAvoy-Jensen said. 

Back in August, Nuxeo released a new version of its enterprise CMS, including Nuxeo Case Management Framework, a pre-built case management application that runs on top of the enterprise platform, plus other tools like Nuxeo Studio, the cloud-based development tool.