Hey Mom and Pop You Can Use Documentum Too

Hey Mom and Pop: You Can Use Documentum, Too

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OK, maybe we’re exaggerating a bit with the headline. The folks at the corner store aren’t likely to be implementing Documentum anytime soon. But midmarket companies in regulated industries, which have found the Rolls Royce of ECM systems out of reach in the past, may very well be able to afford to reap the its benefits today.

Earlier this month EMC IIG (Information Intelligence Group) introduced two new cloud-based offerings based on their best in class Documentum solutions for energy and engineering and life sciences. They are pre-packaged, preconfigured, cloud-based offerings for the midmarket.

Top ShelfOpportunities

The big win here for companies that choose these solutions is that they don’t have to hire the resources requiredfor installation, coding, administration and the like — EMC does all of that for them.

“Midsized companies often lack the resources required to support an on-premise regulated content management system,” explained Rick Devenuti, president of EMC IIG.

EMC solves that problem as well. It provides the proven, subscription based, best in class solutions that Documentum is known for, only at less cost to operate.

Built specifically for midsized Energy and Engineering companies, Documentum Capital Projects Express offers secure document control for team collaboration where speed is of the essence to meet project deadlines. Capital Projects Express brings the power of Documentum Capital Projects to mid-market organizations that don’t have the IT resources to support on-premise enterprise content management systems.

More specifically, and according to EMC, customers who subscribe to the solution benefit from:

  • Quicker collaboration: Enables project teams, suppliers and contractors alike to create, manage, review and approve documentation with secure document control
  • Simplified project management: Streamlined transmittals and progress tracking against project milestones to help ensure every deadline is met
  • Accelerated deployment: Leveraging workflows and templates based on industry best practices, projects are rapidly setup for faster time to value

Addressing Challenges

The solution offers benefits that address the two most important challenges impacting engineering-centric construction projects, particularly in the oil and gas and utility markets: controlling project costs while keeping project schedules on track. Capital Projects Express provides flexible subscription pricing that limits capital expense exposure and can be deployed rapidly with minimal configuration requirements, which ensures fast time-to-value, according to Rohit Ghai, EMC IIG’s chief operating officer.

Learning Opportunities

EMC Documentum Regulatory Express

Getting drugs to market and complying with FDA requirements — and those of their international counterparts — is of utmost importance to life sciences companies. Documentum’s footprint in this marketplace is not only huge, but it has also stood the test of time. It’s two decades old.

The struggle for emerging and midsized pharmas, biotechnology, and medical technology firms has been that they have to comply with the same GxP regulations as the mega-firms, but without having access to the best-in-class technologies and tools.

That no longer has to be the case. EMC just introduced EMC Regulatory Express that will address these needs with a simple, out-of-box, solution that includes the core components of enterprise-level functionality.

More specifically:

  • A faster path to compliance: EMC’s solution takes the complexity out of installing and maintaining a content management solution, and reduces validation requirements
  • Industry leading functionality: More than twenty years of industry leading life sciences content management capabilities and expertise streamlined and delivered via the cloud
  • Better business agility: A flexible private cloud environment gives you better overall control over upgrade cycles, security and configuration
  • Anywhere access: An intuitive easy-to-use interface with full mobile support to access documents while on the go

Less Expensive, Less Burdensome to Use

Needless to say, these new, private cloud solutions provide regulated midmarket firms with new options and new opportunities. They also provide existing ECM players, like Alresco, Microsoft, CSC and Veeva, whose claim fame is “cheaper and easier to use” or SaaS, new competition which they probably didn’t expect to have to face.

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