Hortonworks seems to be about the friendliest Hadoop provider around lately. Yahoo’s Hadoop spinoff, Hortonworks, has expanded its ecosystem with yet another partnership. Last week we reported on a new partnership with MarkLogic; this week, Hortonworks’ partner and real-time data integration provider Attunity have announced a new relationship. 

Simplifying Hadoop Integration

It’s no secret that Hadoop is emerging as a de facto standard for processing massive amounts of loosely structured content, which is spurring lots of market momentum. Each day, vendors rush to fill gaps and make the notoriously un-user friendly technology shiny and easy to use for even the most unadventurous of technologists. A few companies, like Hortonworks, are clearly emerging as market leaders.

Not only is the team at Hortonworks responsible for much of the source code in Apache’s Hadoop distribution, they’ve also created their own data platform and are growing one of the largest Hadoop partner ecosystems  that exists for the still-embryonic technology. Who should care besides investors? Large and small companies that don’t have a team of big data superstars on tap to blaze a trail with Hadoop should definitely be concerned. A Hadoop ecosystem like Hortonworks’ means that organizations can create a big data platform that integrates without alchemy and several thousand Google searches. The new Hortonworks and Attunity partnership is another step in that direction.

Hortonworks and Attunity

If organizations are going to use Hadoop, they have to be able to get data in and out of it, and if you’ve been involved in any type of reporting or data integration project, you realize how fast these efforts can get complex. The newly announced relationship will allow users to combine Hortonwork’s Hadoop acumen with Attunity’s data integration expertise to move large amounts of data in and out of Hadoop’s Distributed File System (HDFS).

It is unclear at this time precisely what features the new offering will provide or how it will be priced. We have reached out to Attunity for additional details and will keep you updated. Is your organization currently using Hadoop or another big data solution? Are you going unsupported open source, commercial or a commercially supported open source? We would love to hear your experiences.