HP continues re-invent itself with the addition of thee new members to the board, including Ray Ozzie, the former chief software architect at Microsoft who takes up his functions as of Monday.

HP Board Appointments

Ozzie takes his place at the board at the same time as former McDonald’s executive and current Walgreen chairman James Skinner. Former Liberty Media CEO Robert Bennett will also join the board.

The latest appointments were announced in a statement issued by HP today, which also said that HP will continue to search for new talent in the future and that new appointments should be expected.

However, it is Ozzie’s appointment that is already making an impression as HP develops its cloud and services portfolio as well as its enterprise software offerings.

Ozzie For HP

Ozzie famously took over directly from Bill Gates as Chief Software Architect of Microsoft in 2006. It was on his watch that Microsoft started looking at the cloud and developed the Azure Cloud Infrastructure-as-a-Service (Iaas) and development platform. Prior to this he was also known as the creator of Lotus Notes.

In October 2009 he was behind the creation of FUSELabs, which focuses on the development of real-time, media rich, user experiences and is now currently run by Lili Cheng, after Ozzie left Microsoft at the end of 2010.

In January last year he set up a company called Cocomo, which has been renamed Talko in the meantime and has already managed to raise US$ 4 million in funding.

What Talko actually does is a mystery at the moment with speculation ranging from mobile apps to cloud backend services. Even its website is a mystery, simply saying that they are looking forward to talking about products and plans “…just not quite yet.”

Interestingly, Ozzie appears to have a role that will not just cover HP's technology, but also its acquisitions strategy through a position on the company’s finance and investment committee.

HPs Board

The other two new board members are equally accomplished in their own fields and fulfill the promise Whitman made when she took over HP that the company would only be employing the best.

Of the new appointments HP CEO Meg Whitman said had this to say:

…As we move forward with our turnaround, it's a huge benefit to be able to get advice from a board made up of such experienced business and technology leaders. For their part, Dob [Bennett], Ray and Jim have just about seen it all during their careers.

The new appointments brings the number of directors on the board to 12. It follows the departure of its former Chairman Ray Lane in the financial aftermath of the Autonomy acquisition.

The company is also looking for a new chairman with Whitman serving as interim Chairman in the meantime.