Over the past couple of days we've seen a number of new solutions and enhancements in a number of IT spaces.  With its Big Data abilities already having been extended significantly, Autonomy is now being pulled into the HP fold proper -- today it’s with HP's cloud offerings. 

The principal news here -- HP is extending its Converged Cloud portfolio, allowing enterprises to make the best of hybrid cloud and on-premises cloud computing.

HP’s Cloud Offerings

There’s more to it than that though -- and like its Big Data offerings, this will move HP's strategy forward more so than simply adding a single enhancement to an existing product, or releasing a single new product for a specific purpose.

In this case, the new cloud solutions span cloud technologies from private, managed and public cloud environments that, combined, aim to offer enterprises more agile and cost-effective solutions. The main news from today is the following solutions:

  • HP CloudSystem and HP Cloud Service Automation (CSA) 3.1: Enables rapid deployment and management of new cloud services
  • HP Continuous Delivery Automation (CDA) 1.1: Automates application release process for cloud applications
  • New and enhanced HP Cloud Services: Offers public cloud services for compute, storage and application Platforms-as-a-Service (PaaS)
  • New Offerings: Two new releases for the communication and service providers and manufacturers.

Again, there is a lot more to this than meets the eye and within each of these enhancements are a number of improvements aimed at making cloud computing more accessible for everyone.

HP CloudSystem

Based on HP Converged Infrastructure and HP Cloud Service Automation software, HP has further enhanced the functionality of HP CloudSystem with:

  • KVMs: Enabling enterprises to manage cloud requirements for cost, security and availability -- including support for Kernel-based Virtual Machines, and other virtualization software from VMWare and Microsoft.
  • Capacity: Easy access to additional capacity.
  • Service offerings: Accelerate development of service offerings with an expanded HP Cloud Maps portfolio. This now consists of more than 200 templates -- with 50 new templates being added in this update alone.

Yesterday, during her keynote speech Meg Whitman talked a good deal about customers, looking after customers -- well it is a customer conference, right! -- and one of the places that we see becoming more than just rhetoric extensions in the HP Cloud Services -- the company’s public cloud.

The new offerings are not restricted to enterprises and look to make ground in the small-and-mid sized enterprise market (SMBs). Included are:

  • A Cloud Compute pay-as-you-go model -- enabling customized instances on demand
  • HP Cloud Block Storage moved into public beta -- enabling users to move data from one computing instance to another
  • HP Cloud Application PaaS -- enabling developers and vendors to focus on application development and deployment. It supports multi-application infrastructure along with instant provisioning and deployments.

HP Cloud Compute GA

One other announcement here worth taking note of is the fact that HP Cloud Compute has now moved to general availability -- making it ready for enterprise workloads. HP Cloud Compute is its IaaS offering that was launched in beta seven months ago and seemed to indicate that it was looking to take some of AWS’s massive market share. It’s unlikely that this is going to happen soon, but HP has the muscle and the financial weight to make a very long and protracted battle for this part of the cloud industry.

HP Cloud Services backs Compute with a Service Level Agreement (SLA) of at least 99.95 percent on a monthly basis, equating to less than 30 minutes of downtime per month -- which is bound to impress enterprises.

Where all this will take this is anyone’s guess, but those attending the HPDiscover conference must be feeling a lot happier about HP products, and the company's future, than they were this time last week.