In the Asia Pacific region, cloud computing is seen as a growth market, but the industry faces several challenges. A recent IDC report examines the top trends in enterprise IT and cloud computing in the Asia Pacific (except Japan), and finds out that cloud computing offers a renewed focus on IT in improving business processes and competitiveness.

Cloud Computing a Key Business Accelerator

In its latest cloud computing report for the region -- Asia/Pacific (Excluding Japan) Cloud Services and Technologies 2011 Top 10 Predictions: Dealing with Mainstream Cloud -- IDC (news, site) states that cloud computing is a key business accelerator. Not only are enterprises in the APEJ region using various cloud computing models for simple tasks, but cloud computing will also be used in business processes, consulting, design and management environments.

Chris Morris, IDC Asia/Pacific Cloud Technologies and Services Research Director, points out that business managers can manage, procure and consume services, processes and systems in the most agile way possible. "[I]n this framework, none of these will be seen as or consumed as 'IT' but merely seen as necessary services," he says. Morris adds that this results in CIO responsibilities being more focused on managing contracts and relationships rather than the more traditional responsibilities of having to validate supplier performance and compliance.

Eliminating 'Technology' from 'IT'

IDC's recently concluded Asia/Pacific Cloud for Business Conference 2011 focused on "Eliminating technology from IT." IDC says the discussion is no longer about "IT" but about "business." Given that most of the enterprise stack is available through various cloud delivery models, businesses now have the flexibility to adopt cloud computing in various forms.

IDC predicts that more services will be externally sourced. Technology is necessary to make things work, although it will no longer be the focal point of doing business via the cloud.

Focus on Efficiency, Productivity

Late in 2010, IDC Asia made predictions for the APAC region. With the APAC economies picking up, the focus is said to be on analytics, mobility and cloud computing, with particular highlight on private clouds and business process outsourcing. In this regard, network and telecommunications providers will have an advantage in offering hybrid cloud deployments and infrastructure-as-a-service models.

IDC predicts that cloud computing delivery models will be maturing in the APAC region starting this year. The issue now is how businesses should focus on their choice of cloud deployments. Claus Mortensen, IDC Asia/Pacific Principal for Emerging Technology Research, advises enterprises not to focus too much on the underlying technology, but rather with how they can implement this with being business-centric in mind.

All CIOs today should be focusing on how their choice of IT can help the enterprise to get to this point. Any IT deployment, any IT plan and every IT strategy today should be seen in the light of how enterprise IT can be changed from being technology-centric to being business-centric."