The Chief Editors of the Information Management Foundation (TIMAF) are on the hunt for best practices in information management. Have something you feel needs to be added?

Information Management Means Many Things

It means many things to many people. It means content management, records management, document management, digital asset management and a lot more. And although these are all very different disciplines the goal of TIMAF is to provide a clear framework -- or foundation -- that underlies them all.

TIMAF will use the framework to organize a set of best practices they publish yearly, but the framework itself is a separate initiative and a separate book:

"The framework will bring the commonalities between sub disciplines to light and help to organize the best practices that we publish."

A New Year, Updated Best Practices

Every year TIMAF puts out an updated guide of best practices for Information Management (well actually last year was the first year: See Information Management Best Practices - Volume 1). Created with input from practitioners around the world, the guide contains:

  • An introduction to the Information Management Framework
  • Trends, looking at both last year and this year
  • Recent developments, written by invited authors
  • 20 detailed best practices articles on various IM topics

Your Input is Needed

If you think you have valuable insights to offer, TIMAF invites you to submit a proposal with the following information:

  1. The working title of your article.
  2. Your name, job title and organizational affiliation
  3. A one-paragraph statement of the main issue of your article.
  4. A one-paragraph statement of your solution to the problem.
  5. An outline of your article that is no longer than one page.
  6. A sample of your writing (10 pages or more) that shows your style and skill level.

All authors who contribute to the guide will receive a copy of it and access to the eBook (and all other TIMAF eBooks). Note that this is not an opportunity to market your product or service, but you are encouraged to name the organization discussed to bring more relevance to the information.

You can get all the details about the submission processes on the TIMAF website. Also included there is a list of potential topics that cover just about anything you can think of.

There is no official deadline for proposals, but you are encouraged to get yours in before the end of July 2011.

Last year, TIMAF sold 100 papers copies of Volume 1 and 200 eBook copies.