Sometimes it's easier to get a better idea of what's going on if you see it in a chart or some other type of visual. Infragistics works to help you do this with your SharePoint data with the release of NetAdvantage for SharePoint.

Charts, Gauges and Maps Galore

They do say a picture is worth a thousand words and if you decide to take advantage of NetAdvantage for SharePoint 2011 Volume 2, you are on your way to creating some of those pictures. NetAdvantage provides a number of components that will map your SharePoint data into visualizations that make it easy to quickly understand what it means and hopefully make better decisions.


NetAdvantage for SharePoint - Web Parts

These gauges, maps and charts come via configurable SharePoint Web Parts that can display data at various levels including store, city, state, country and world (for location based data). There's also a content rotator that will animate your multimedia content and a version timeline for your documents.


SharePoint Timeline

Connecting All Your Data

It's not just your SharePoint data that you can include in these visualizations. You can also map data from Excel spreadsheets, and from data linked in from Business Connectivity Services (BCS). Feed it all through your web parts and use SharePoint as your primary tool for business intelligence.

NetAdvantage for SharePoint is available now as a perpetual license. For US$ 4,995 per Web server, you get 2 releases per year with this license. Of course you can buy different editions that give you more support and/or developer licenses.