Interact Intranet 5.0 Released, Dedicated User-Centric Homepage Introduced
Interact Intranet wants to make sure enterprise social networks are used to the fullest, with users not missing a beat when it comes to online interactions, conversations and relevant updates. The release of version 5.0 of Interact's popular on-premise and SaaS Intranet solution introduces user-centric features designed to make interaction more convenient for users.

Focus on the User

According to Interact, version 5.0 focuses on "resolving the daily difficulties Intranet managers continually encouter," which include making sure no information and tools are overlooked, and eliminating the burden of constructing a home page that will appeal to everyone. As such, Interact Intranet 5.0 implements a new personal page that acts as the focal point of all content, making it easier for users to find relevant content and connect with the right colleagues.

Additionally, Interact Intranet 5.0 features an improved intelligence store and a remodeled algorithm that enables users to find content more intuitively.

Interact founder and CEO Nigel Danson says the latest update encourages social collaboration, which ensures better user and content connections.

So many intranet solutions focus on features and not the fundamentals of how people find and interact with information.  We believe the key to a successful intranet is connecting content to people and making sure the technology doesn’t get in the way."

New Features

Interact Personal Page. The new home page provides a dedicated interface that's tailor-fit to the needs of individual users. Interact pushes content based on interactions, interests, skills and searches. The home page also highlights information through the Signpost and through Widgets, which can be used to present custom information sets.

Interact Intranet 5.0 features a new user-centric home page that makes collaboration, connection and information discovery easier.

Interact Intranet 5.0 features a new user-centric home page that makes collaboration, connection and information discovery easier.

Signpost Widget. This widget guide a user through the Interact Intranet experience, and will flag tasks that need to be done, such as updating of profiles and feature discovery. This will take the burden of having to train every new member of the organization off of IT managers.

Interact Suggests. This widget pushes tailored information based on what the system thinks a user might want to know. The system does this by scanning criteria such as search history, skill sets and documents on which a user has commented. This feature aims to reduce time spent looking for information, and help users act on this information.

Share and Like. Much as with their social network counterparts, Interact Intranet's Share and Like features let users repost content and bookmark content, respectively. These actions create a connection to a piece of information on the intranet that users find to have value.

Simplified Discussion Forums. Interact Intranet discussion forums have been simplified and redesigned to be more intuitive. Discussion forums now include intelligent thread creation that prevents duplicates, and now allow multiple moderators. @tagging of fellow users is likewise allowed, and users can set up their notifications to ensure timely response.

Interact Intranet 5.0 is available either as an on-premise installation or SaaS setup, and is priced depending on the deployment size and type.