It can’t be easy to call on customers who have a bone (or two) to pick with you. But EMC IIG (a.k.a. Documentum) President Rick Devenuti has spent the last five years doing exactly that … listening to their complaints, apologizing that his predecessor ignored their needs, promising to address their concerns, and asking for their patience while he built solutions that would not only meet their needs but also delight them. 

And while big promises are easy to make, they are harder to deliver on.

But Devenuti has kept his word.

At EMC World this week he unveiled three Industry solutions that not only meet customer needs but also exceed some of their most ambitious dreams. And he didn’t stop there. EMC IIG’s Industry solutions leverage information to transform the way companies do business. They are now well positioned to make money and/or save money while retaining their customers’ trust.

These solutions include:

Use Your Energy for Running Your Business

EMC® Documentum® Asset Operations

Energy companies are longtime customers of EMC Documentum. Their large-scale information and operating assets must run efficiently and without interruption, while meeting strict health, safety and environmental regulations. The new Documentum Asset Operations solution, which is part of the Energy, Plant and Facilities Management Suite (EPFM) enables organizations to control asset-related documentation, automate workflows critical to plant operations and maintenance activities, and ensure efficiency and compliance with health, safety, environment and other regulatory standards.

The new solution offers:

  • Increased flexibility and scalability: The underlying Documentum ECM platform provides robust information management capabilities with pre-built templates and workflows to streamline operational processes. Its open architecture facilitates seamless integration with critical business systems.
  • Increased productivity and compliance: Open architecture integrates with key engineering, project and maintenance systems for fast and secure access to the most accurate up-to-date asset information, including standard operating procedures (SOP), technical documents and as-built specifications, while increasing regulatory responsiveness.
  • Lower TCO and accelerate project initiation: Customers can take advantage of flexible deployment options via EMC® OnDemand (aka Documentum on the private cloud.)

As part of EPFM Documentum® Capital Projects, managers of complex design and construction projects will now be able to effectively create, share, maintain and secure the large volumes of engineering-related content across globally distributed network of vendors and contractors.

Life Sciences Firms To Documentum “We’re So Glad You’re Back”

In Documentum’s early (pre-EMC) days, Life Sciences organizations were a large part of the company’s customer base; and though they were seemingly forgotten for too long a while, Devenuti and team are working hard to prove their love and to regain their trust. It seems to be working.

“They (the life sciences customers) hug us and say 'We’re so glad you’re back,'” says John O' Melia, Head of Services, EMC IIG Division.

EMC® Documentum® Electronic Trial Master File

The ability to effectively plan, collect and maintain essential clinical trial documentation is challenging and at times, risky especially as life sciences companies continue to offset costs by relying on CROs for the majority of clinical trials. The EMC Documentum Electronic Trial Master File (eTMF) solution, part of the EMC Documentum for Life Sciences solution suite, enables life sciences organizations to easily and effectively control and synchronize study artifacts, track progress in clinical trial documentation and ensure fast, secure access to documentation both during and after the trial.

Learning Opportunities

The latest version includes enhanced usability such as automatic synchronization of document changes, advanced search and improved virtual document editing of large, complex deliverables. It provides advanced capabilities to simplify and accelerate complex clinical trial file planning, such as easily defining and maintaining trial plans using Microsoft Excel and managing files hierarchically by product, trial, country and site level, to ensure consistency across trials

EMC® Documentum® Quality & Manufacturing

Life sciences organizations face more pressure than ever to run efficient, uninterrupted manufacturing production at the lowest possible cost, while meeting stringent safety, quality and regulatory standards to ensure patient safety.Production delays can cost millions of dollars per day while consent decree fines for GMP (Good Manufacturing Processes) standards violations can be exorbitant.

As part of the EMC Documentum for Life Sciences solution suite, the EMC Documentum Quality & Manufacturing solution enables life sciences organizations to control quality and manufacturing documents, automate workflows across the extended enterprise and ensure compliance with GMP standards. The new version provides advanced search capabilities and faceted navigation to help users quickly find specific documents based on industry-standard metadata. In addition, it features enhanced “to be read” functionality to ensure compliance and inspection-readiness, while providing greater visibility into tracking of pending and completed tasks.

The EMC Documentum for Life Sciences solution suite helps organizations more efficiently and completely meet compliance requirements, increase productivity and securely collaborate across the extended enterprise. The solution suite harnesses an information architecture based on the Drug Information Association (DIA) Electronic Document Management (EDM) and Trial Master File (TMF) Reference Models. The fully integrated suite not only simplifies submissions and other critical business processes, but also utilizes easily configurable, intuitive and personalized interfaces to maximize productivity and ensure easy access to information.

Documentum Helps Healthcare Providers Protect and Leverage Patient Information for Personal and Public Good

Healthcare organizations worldwide are faced with the challenge of improving outcomes and managing costs while having to grapple with the vast amount of patient-related information produced in clinical and operational processes. This also adds to the growing pressures of information sharing for the delivery of patient care coordination and customer administration services linking with the Electronic Medical Record (EMR).

The EMC Healthcare Integration Portfolio (HIP) is a suite of products that simplifies the management and sharing of all forms of patient-related content, enabling more timely, efficient, and effective, patient care. By providing support for healthcare IT standards such as XDS, HL7 and DICOM, HIP enhances the value of an EMR, enabling the rich content management services of Documentum to be applied seamlessly to the management of patient-related content throughout its lifecycle, from capture to disposition or retention. The new solution offers:

  • Rapid access to patient health data at the point of care and cross-community based activities on the IHE’s Cross-Community-Access (XCA) specification standard
  • Vendor neutral repository for storing structured and unstructured healthcare information including images, media and other patient-centric documents, available via XDS-specification
  • Scalable software architecture based on open standards enables interoperability between any healthcare information application or system, such as EPIC EMR and other EMRs, for secure sharing and exchange of information
  • Identity mapping capabilities to automatically reconcile patient identity including name changes, corrections or multiple record numbers using HL7 ADT messages.

Conclusion: The Point is Made, It’s Not A Drive By

It’s probably safe to say that no company and no team would do this much work if they didn’t care about retaining its customers and attracting others into their fold.

Conclusion: Documentum is all-in on Industry Solutions. This is not a drive by.