JasperSoft (newssite) has released the latest version of their commercial open source business intelligence platform and with it comes a new UI Framework that will enable you to embed BI into your own web application.

Integration is the New Black

The way we work and implement new systems has changed dramatically over the last few years. We strive to no longer implement siloed applications and systems that force our employees to manually jump between systems to get the information they need. We like integration - it's a key element of any solution that is seriously considered today.

Jaspersoft, the provider of the commercial business intelligence platform built on open source technologies, seems to be acutely aware of that -- particularly with their latest release. Jaspersoft 4 comes with a major overhaul, they have totally rewritten the top 3rd of their platform's architecture and completely separated the content and presentation layers from the underlying architecture. What this does is provide the ability to extend business intelligence into any other system.


Jaspersoft Home Dashboard

As Brian Gentile, CEO of Jaspersoft told us in a recent interview, there has been an explosion of web applications which is much more about assembling that designing and building from scratch. Gentile believes Jaspersoft is leading way for embeddable BI, without the pain of a major integration project.

New UI Framework

Jaspersoft's new UI framework separates the underlying structure (accessed via JSP), from the events (exposed via Javascript), from the presentation layer (CSS modifiable). According to Gentile, this allows for a new class of BI applications, whether it's a straight reporting solution or BI integrated into another application.


Jaspersoft IR

The new interface, available out of the box, has been greatly improved and is now web-based. Jaspersoft offers themes to create a new interface for a device or a user type, and organizations offering Jaspersoft in a SaaS environment also have the ability to deploy different themes for each tenant.


Jaspersoft Advanced Reporting

Cloud-Based, Cloud Ready

It's interesting to point out that Jaspersoft can also be implemented in any environment out of the box. This means that with a single version of the platform, you could implement on premise, in the cloud (public or private), in a virtualized environment or as a SaaS.

Gentile told us that in the last 6-9 months, Jaspersoft has seen a rise in cloud-based embedded BI implementations either via an ISV or a specialized service from organizations such as financial institutions and gaming providers. And they expect this to continue. Currently the vendor has at least 60-65% of their implementations in an embedded vs standalone environment.

This year, they expect even more sophisticated uses of embedded BI, including process-oriented systems like content management applications.

Analytics Are Critical

I don't think anyone needs to be reminded of the importance of analytics to an organization. But the complexity of traditional BI systems has slowed many down from taking advantage of what they offer. This is why we are seeing so many new analytics vendors (and older ones) coming to market with solutions that meet the needs, and price range of more organizations, both embedded and standalone solutions.