Open source business intelligence provider Jaspersoft (news, site) has announced an open source business intelligence (BI) design tool for users of the popular Eclipse development environment. The tool is open source and allows Eclipse Java developers to build, secure and share reports free.

Jaspersoft Development Finally Comes to Eclipse

Developers already have options for creating Jasper reports, a Netbeans plugin and Jaspersoft’s standalone iReport Designer. However, until now, there was no tool for what is arguably one of the most popular development tools in existence, Eclipse. With over one million downloads per month, it’s not too shocking that Jaspersoft finally decided to address requests from its developer community to support the IDE for report creation.

Jaspersoft Studio Eclipse plugin

The free open source tool, Jaspersoft Studio v1.0, is actually a port of Jaspersoft’s iReport built on the Eclipse platform. This means reports designed in Jaspersoft Studio can be edited in either Jaspersoft Studio or iReport. Jaspersoft Studio provides more sophisticated tools than the current options for the Eclipse community. Jaspersoft Studio allows developers to build reports accessing any data source including relational databases, NoSQL repositories and flat files and share them using JasperReports Server.

Jaspersoft Studio data adapter interface

Jaspersoft Studio data adapter interface

According to Jaspersoft, Jaspersoft Studio has been in development for over a year and builds on the experience gained developing the original Netbeans port for iReport.

In addition to the general release of the Jaspersoft Eclipse plugin, the company also announced it has become an official member of the Eclipse Foundation. By joining this community, Jaspersoft has expanded its potential open software development community, which already includes 225,000 registered members, and capability to build open source applications and products.

Getting Jaspersoft Studio

Jaspersoft Studio v1.0 is available now on JasperForge and is compatible with Eclipse version 3.5 and later. Currently, installers exist for Windows, Mac and Linux. Existing Jaspersoft commercial customer should note that Jaspersoft Studio is a community release and not commercially supported.