SAP returns. Or rather KnowledgeLake, SharePoint, MPS and SAP return and get it together to make it easier for users to get to their content. This is the second time this week that SAP has added functionality to ECM for SAP. The first time was about adding CRM; this time, it's about gaining access to documents stored in SharePoint from SAP.

KnowledgeLake, MPS

In fairness, though, it’s not just KnowledgeLake that is behind this. The new functionality is the result of a partnership between MPS Partners, a Microsoft systems integrator, which has been developing MS integrations for years.

Running in parallel to this has been the evolution of SharePoint, and, in recent times, SharePoint 2010, which we have already seen is becoming the principal enterprise CMS for a lot of different enterprises.

ECM for SAP, and SharePoint

So what happens if you have ECM for SAP and SharePoint and they can’t talk? Well, from here on in you don’t have to worry any more, as the release of a new technology from KnowledgeLake called Unify will give SAP ECM users access to their documents and data in SharePoint without having to leave SAP.

SharePoint, as we have seen in the past, already has an extensive set of enterprise CMS features, but, KnowledgeLake says, when combined with its Capture and Imaging technology, it becomes a rich platform for full document management.

.With some system integration, it can allow metadata to be integrated back to SAP and most users won't need to fire up the SAP experience to kick off the business processes.

Unify can also be configured to provide a button in SAP that will launch a viewer to see associated invoices, or other documents.

And the aim of the partnership; in a nutshell, is new business:

This partnership and approach to integration will allow us to help a whole new set of customers with their ECM challenges,” Tim McGwire, Senior Business Development Manager, Knowledge Lake said.

The new solution is available now.