With a presence on public clouds becoming more and more important in a rapidly expanding market, Liferay has just announced that it has inked a deal with cloud management and marketplace solutions provider Standing Cloud, making Liferay’s portal available on more than 15 public clouds.

Liferay Portal Access

As a result of the deal users will be able to try-out Liferay for 30-days before signing up. After the trial, they can then choose whether to go ahead or not. 

According to Standing Cloud this partnership makes everything easy. Users will be able to access test sites in a single click, as well as choose the geographical location and data center their data will be stored on and the hosting provider.

Liferay Portal.jpg

Liferay Portal 

The number of cloud providers is already substantial at 15. On top of the large number it also includes the biggest players -- like HP Cloud, Rackspace, Amazon Web Services and Azure.

Liferay, Standing Cloud

Another advantage, Liferay says, is the Standing Cloud connection. With it, users are not completely tied into one cloud provider and can move from cloud to cloud as they wish.

Providing single-click managed hosting, provisioning, deployment and management of Liferay Portal on a wide range of cloud providers at a simple monthly bundled price with no cloud lock-in is a great value-add for Liferay…,” said Michael Ficco, Vice President of Business Development for Standing Cloud.

Liferay application management.jpg

Liferay Application Management

Users will also be able to add capacity easily as well, with development flexibility and stability also guaranteed through its pre-configured packages. The result, Ficco says, is that by making it easy to access the portal and configure or upgrade it, Liferay should be in a position to dramatically expand its customer base.

That customer base is already substantial, with Liferay claiming an estimated 500,000 deployments worldwide, particularly in the small and medium-sized business space.