On the second day of the Liferay West Coast Symposium, held in Anaheim, Calif., hundreds of attendees had a busy day, from dozens of sessions focused on strategy and implementation with the open-source enterprise portal.

Conference Day Two

Attendees at the Liferay conference were not at a loss for things to do. The session featured three tracks, including one in-depth workshop style track, a number of general sessions and (of course) a vendor pavilion. In addition to all of the educational opportunities, attendees had a little fun completing their “rail," a paper-based check-in game that encouraged attendees to visit exhibitors. Once the rail was complete, attendees could register for a grand prize drawing.

The conference kicked off with three general sessions focused on the history of open source, Liferay’s product roadmap and the use of the OpenSocial standard within the latest release of Liferay. Ed Chung, Director of Business for Liferay, provided attendees with a preview of what the company is planning for version 6.2 in 2012. This was a treat given that release 6.1 was just announced.

More on Liferay 6.1

As we reported, Liferay released a number of enhancements in 6.1 designed to improve user experience and ease of integration. As organizations struggle with growing data sizes and diversity and tighter deadlines, these are increasingly important concerns.

Liferay executives illustrated the portal’s new faceted search capabilities -- an important enhancement in the latest release. Out of the box, 6.1 integrates with Lucene/Solr, but a standardized API is provided that enables users to integrate with any search technology they choose. Additionally, in the Non Traditional Data Stores session, Ray Auge, Liferay Senior Software Architect, demonstrated to a large packed room using MongoDB how NoSQL repositories can be used as a back end to Liferay to achieve higher data scalability.

Activities concluded with a closing keynote by Liferay CEO Bryan Cheung, who seemed to be everywhere around the conference and at after-hours activities.  

I would love to know your thoughts on the conference and the latest release of Liferay.