Lucid Imagination released its new search-as-a-service platform, LucidWorks Cloud. The cloud-based product reduces the effort and time required for companies to adopt enterprise search.

Search as a Service

Growing volumes of unstructured content is driving many organizations to adopt enterprise search. Search can improve access to content and make users more productive. However, search is notoriously complex and costly to implement. Many companies have turned to open source as a solution, and Lucene/Solr has emerged as one of the most popular options.

LucidWorks Cloud offers the same functionality as LucidWorks Enterprise 2.0, which supports all of Lucene and Solr’s APIs and integration points, but adds commercial features that make it easier and faster to tune. LucidWorks Cloud takes this even further and allows organizations to start building their own search applications in almost minutes. The solution offers a number of features like:

  • The ability to create multiple collections and manage them independently
  • Pre-built connectors that allow users to acquire data from multiple web, SharePoint and external data sources
  • Configuration of index and query settings, fields, stop words, synonyms for each collection 
  • Monitoring query and indexing activity of each collection
  • Detailed logging of platform errors and warnings
  • Direct access to Solr Administration
  • Online account management.

Lucid provide a feature matrix that details the capabilities of LucidWorks 2.0. Over thirty companies have already adopted LucidWorks Cloud, which has been in pre-release since July 2011.

Getting More Information

LucidWorks Cloud, which is Lucid Imagination’s first search-as-a-service offering, is available now. You can sign up for access to LucidWorks Cloud on Lucid Imagination’s site.