Manage Your Information in SharePoint Online Using vorApps
Vorsite (newssite) has a new cloud-based solution out that will help you manage email based information and store it within the SharePoint Online environment.

No Need to Move Between Apps 

When you do a lot work directly within your email application, it can become a chore to store that email content and any attachments in some non-integrated document management system. And let's not even talk about moving from app to app trying to find that information.

Vorsite looks like they have a solution for those you who use Microsoft SharePoint Online. It's called vorApps for SharePoint Online and it is an "email enabled information management solution".

Email in the Cloud

Built on Windows Azure, vorApps is a cloud-based middleware -- MAS: Middleware as a Service -- solution that integrated with an email application to stores email and associated attachments in Document Libraries and Lists in a SharePoint Online environment. It's like have Exchange Folders, except its SharePoint.

In addition to being able to store email content within SharePoint, you can optionally store that information in Windows Azure, particularly useful if you have a large amount of information.

What are the features that come with vorApps?

  • Receive and send emails in both Windows Azure and SharePoint Online
  • Administration via a centralized XML interface
  • Reporting using a transaction log (available upon request)

Vorsite is offering vorApps for a monthly subscription fee and of course you will need to have account with SharePoint Online.

vorApps is a good fit for those who use an on premise email solution, but have employees geographically distributed. By storing email and attachments in SharePoint Online, they can share information easily.

Is this the right solution for you? If you are looking for a way to integrate your email application with your SharePoint online account, this is obviously a good fit -- if the price is right.