Metalogix Offers Content Migration from Documentum to SharePoint

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Metalogix Offers Content Migration from Documentum to SharePoint
Legacy content and enterprise content management systems were always going to be one of the problems with SharePoint 2010 deployment. Slowly but surely, Metalogix (news, site) is going through the list of major enterprise CMs and providing a way of getting content from legacy systems into SharePoint. This week it’s Documentum's turn.

It’s not that there is any problem with Documentum as an enterprise system, but there are a whole pile of reasons why you might want to migrate content from it into your new SharePoint 2010 system -- not least of which is keeping track of the content you have, and SharePoint is pretty good at doing that.

Why SharePoint?

But there’s other reasons, too, and with this release Stephen Murphy CEO of Metalogix hit on one of the reasons that often gets overlooked:

Many organizations have valuable business content contained in their legacy Documentum content management system that they need to free from license restraints by migrating it into Microsoft SharePoint…The new Migration Manager for SharePoint -- Documentum Edition gives organizations a rapid and non-disruptive solution for migrating this vital content, while retaining critical permissions, user data and metadata for compliance and corporate governance."

Simply put, it frees up license restraints, but also keeps track of the content that you are moving.

But then it’s not a surprise that Metalogix can be so clear about the whole thing; it's been doing this for quite a while and offers a lot of the functionality that it does with other SharePoint migrators such as Oracle or Google Apps -- as well, of course, as all thework it has done with Office 365 and BPOS.

Metalogix's SharePoint Documentum Edition

Metalogix's SharePoint Documentum Edition

SharePoint Documentum Edition

The new Documentum Edition, like its other migration tools, is a fast, simple and lightweight client installation that offers a secure, remote connection with Documentum using the Documentum Foundation Services (DFS) API.

Learning Opportunities

Objects in Documentum can be migrated at the item, folder, or site level using lightweight client applications that connects the two remotely with all user data and metadata preserved for SharePoint on-premise editions or for SharePoint online.

TheDocumentum Edition includes:

  • Migration of content, versions and metadata: Migrates all SharePoint content types and metadata columns, in batch if necessary
  • Reporting: Comes with a reporting and analysis toolset that analyzes content and data before it moves
  • Permissions: Migrates all permissions associated with the content
  • Pre-migration check: Scans content to see if it is suitable for migration to SharePoint

Not everyone has Documentum, and this won’t be much good to anyone who hasn’t; but to those companies or people, we say “Wait your turn!”

Because that appears to be the way it’s going with SharePoint. Either Metalogix, or another company like AvePoint is going to come up with a tool that will enable users to move their content from a legacy enterprise content management system to SharePoint and Microsoft won’t have to ask those companies to build a connector.