Following the release last December of its content migrator for Microsoft’s BPOS, it was inevitable that Metalogix (news, site) would also release a migrator for Office 365. It has done that with the public beta of its Office 365-Ready Metalogix Migration Manager for SharePoint.

The recent release and interest in the Office 365 suite has meant that many companies that are considering they will have to look at how they are going to get so much content across, given that the new suite contains most of Microsoft’s office applications, from the relatively simple Word application to SharePoint online.

Metalogix, SharePoint

For Metalogix, which has been working around SharePoint migration for a long time, the release of the public beta is a logical step, and one that has been in preparation for a number of months in the form of a private beta, the results of which appear to be positive.

However, it is not just this element of Office 365 that has occupied Metalogix’s time. It has been working on other elements of its SharePoint with Office 365 release since Microsoft first went public about it. The result is beta releases for:

  • Migration Manager for SharePoint
  • Migration Manager for SharePoint - Dedicated Cloud Edition
  • Migration Manager for SharePoint - Website Edition
  • Migration Manager for SharePoint - Blogs and Wikis Edition

It is also working on Migration Manager for SharePoint - File Share Edition

Office 365 Migration

So what will users get if they sign up for this public beta? True to its past form, with Migration Manager for SharePoint - Dedicated Cloud and SharePoint Upgrade Editions, they will be offered a migration tool that allows them to move their content gradually and not just in one big lump --something that can be as bad as not migrating at all.

With the Metalogix Migration Manager for SharePoint - Dedicated Cloud and SharePoint Upgrade Editions, we provide organizations with the ability to perform a gradual and granular migration both to and from the cloud and then synchronize future changes,” said Stephen Cawood, SharePoint MVP and director of product marketing, Metalogix.

The result is a beta that, like other Metalogix offerings, provides a hybrid cloud approach that enables enterprises to try out Office 365, migrate content at their own pace, as well as giving them time to assess how best to use Office 365 across the enterprise, if they decide to go that route.

And it’s even easy to use, Metalogix says. Using a familiar user interface, users will be able to migrate content silos to a common SharePoint system, as well all data libraries, lists, web parts and permissions, while at the same time maintaining content views, version chains, metadata and user-edit information.

Microsoft, Migration

And Microsoft seems happy with it all as well. Migration Manager for SharePoint -  Dedicated Cloud and SharePoint Upgrade Editions has been approved by Microsoft for use in its cloud structure, having met the criteria laid down by Microsoft’s SharePoint Online Code Analysis Framework (MSOCAF).

MSOCAF focuses on areas such as memory management, security vulnerabilities, exception management, object model usage, quality gates for unsupported features and reporting, using existing tools such as FxCop, CAT.Net and SPDisposeCheck to analyze custom solution.

Like its other solutions, this works with previous versions of SharePoint going back to the 2003n version. If you’re interested in trying out the public beta, you can sign up here.