Metalogix Releases Tool to Make SharePoint Content Metadata Management Easier
Metalogix Software has released a solution that makes it faster and more efficient to manage content in Microsoft SharePoint 2010. The new solution, Content Manager, enhances SharePoint with the ability to make bulk edits to metadata and a ribbon that makes it easier for users to have access to advanced features such as taxonomy.

Manage More Data Faster

No matter what you think about Microsoft SharePoint, the product has clearly gained market traction. Although companies often adopt SharePoint to gain better control and visibility of their content, as the amount of content stored in the platform increases, it can become more difficult to manage and locate. Metalogix designed Content Manager to make things a little easier.

SharePoint supports the features included in Metalogix’s Content Manager in some form. However, in most cases, the platform restricts users to modifying one piece of content at a time, and finding advanced functions may require drilling through multiple screens. Content Manager adds a ribbon-based interface that provides fast access to advanced SharePoint features and allows users to classify, apply metadata and check-in content in bulk.

Although SharePoint has useful features, out-of-the-box the platform’s usability definitely has opportunities for improvement. Making the process of managing content easier for users doesn’t just save time and effort in the content maintenance process. It also makes it easier to govern, secure and locate content to support business processes.

Getting More Information

Metalogix is one of the many companies providing tools to augment the capabilities for SharePoint and other content management platforms. These add-ons and enhancements make it possible for organizations to assemble content management solutions that are specific to their needs. Metalogix Content Manager for SharePoint 2010 is available now. Metalogix offers free limited time trials for almost all of its products. However, the company has not made Content Manager available for download yet or published pricing details.