MetaVis Offers File, Metadata Migration Between SharePoint Environments

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After ensuring that everyone could get their content in and out of Office 365, MetaVis has turned its attention back to SharePoint with the release of its new File Manager for SharePoint.

Like its other products, and particularly its migration products, the concept behind this one is relatively simple. With it, MetaVis (news, site) says, users will be able to move content, including folder structures along with all its metadata between systems.

By moving this content between any file system and any SharePoint environment, it indirectly addresses one of the big issues around throwing data about different systems.

File Manager, Metadata

The File Manager brings not just the content of the files themselves, but also the metadata and, in doing so, the content structure of that data, so that when you move files, you will also be able to find them in their destination environment, be that SharePoint in one direction, or some other system in another.

We have already seen how important metadata is in SharePoint environments, especially with the SharePoint 2010 release and especially as many enterprises are using it as their de facto enterprise content management system.

SharePoint 2010, Content Migration

Another thing this offers is the possibility of filling some of the gaps in SharePoint by moving the content to another system that has the functionality that SharePoint 201 is missing.

Learning Opportunities

No one wants large-scale content movements too often, but if it has to be moved, like into a records management system that has a little bit more functionality than SharePoint, then the new File Manager looks like a safe bet for doing so.

The bottom line here is that SharePoint makes it easier to archive both content and metadata, and that means it can be found after the event.

Until now, SharePoint users have not had an easy way to get valuable content out of SharePoint while still retaining metadata proprieties…MetaVis File Manager addresses this need…By supporting the common CSV format, companies can download SharePoint content for use in other mission critical systems or to archive and manage the size of SharePoint sites,”Steve Pogrebivsky, CEO and co-founder of MetaVis Technologies said.

Also worth noting is that File Manager  is an agentless solution and maintains metadata without the need to install server-side components,providing support for Managed Metadata.

This is another common-sense release from MetaVis targeted at enterprises that like to throw their content around a lot. While they really shouldn’t be doing that, if it’s absolutely necessary, at least
using this you should be able to find it after the event. If you want to try it out, you can have a look here.