MetaVis Releases Informant for SharePoint Information Security

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More SharePoint governance goodness this week from MetaVis, which has just announced the release of Informant, a tool that enables users to protect their personal and sensitive information stored in SharePoint.

An agentless software that protects Personally Identifiable Information (PII), HR or project data in any edition of SharePoint currently available -- including the online version on Office 365 -- Informant enables enterprises to apply compliance rules acrossall SharePoint deployments.

Data Protection

The problem, MetaVis says, is that enterprises are not protecting the data that is stored in their enterprise CMS with the result that, as often as not, sensitive information can be accessed by unauthorized users without anyone in management picking up on it.

That this should be the case is not really surprising. We saw at the beginning of the week that content management, or lack of management, is still a huge problem for enterprises, with compliance and unauthorized access identified as problems that are currently widespread in enterprises of all sizes.

We have also seen in the past that many enterprises are using SharePoint as an enterprise CMS, which means that any information that is stored there, if not secured, is open to anyone that has access to the environment.

Learning Opportunities

MetaVis Informant

MetaVis’s Informant for SharePoint enterprises can control not only who has access to information, but also secures unstructured information where a lot of the security breaches are going to take place.

With Informant, enterprises can quickly crawl, analyse and enforce governance polices around unstructured data no matter what part of the system it resides in.

But it’s not just SharePoint that gets the benefit of this. According to MetaVis it also works with other file systems, it supports Google Docs, Amazon S3, Azure, Exchange and Outlook Email will be added over the next few months.