MetaVis Releases Migrator for Google Content to SharePoint 2010
MetaVis has been busy since the release of SharePoint 2010, developing migration tools for content into SharePoint 2010 for numerous different applications. Today’s release, though, of a migration tool for Google Apps to Office 365 and SharePoint 2010, moves it all up a gear.

With the new migratory tool, users will be able to migrate Google content into hosted SharePoint environments and Office 365, as well as on-premise SharePoint environments, keeping the metadata that was originally applied to the content.

We have seen in the past how important metadata is for effective SharePoint use. With this migration tool, by keeping the original data that comes with content stored in Google Apps, users will finally be able to search Google content that has been placed in SharePoint. It effectively gives users control over their Google content.

SharePoint as Enterprise CMS

In the marketing blurb around the release, MetaVis CEO Steve Pogrebivsky said:

The cloud is quickly becoming the content platform for business and companies need an effective way to move information into or out of one cloud platform to another."

But there’s a lot more to it than that. MetaVis may provide migrators for content to SharePoint, but SharePoint 2010 since its launch 18 months ago is becoming one of the enterprise CMS platforms across companies.

Maybe when it was originally conceived all-the-way-back-when, it was mainly a collaboration application, but AIIM has recorded a growing use of SharePoint 2010 in its State of the ECM Industry reports over the past two years, with this year’s report suggesting deployment rates of up to 70% in larger companies and 45% using it as their primary enterprise CMS.

Google Content to SharePoint

Think then, how useful this is going to be if you can migrate all your Google content into your primary enterprise CMS.

Users, for example, will be able to migrate content and metatags, like version histories and ownership, as well as Document properties, like description, published, created and modified dates, to SharePoint fields. This allows companies to retain critical information required for compliance and e-Discovery policies. Other features include:

  • Convert native Google documents to Microsoft Office equivalent, txt, pdf, CSV, etc. and upload to SharePoint
  • Preserve document created and modified dates
  • Map users and permissions when copying content from Google Documents to SharePoint
  • Filter and map file owner attribute

Currently, MetaVis Migrator enables content migration to sources including SharePoint 2010, 2007, 2003, file shares, Exchange Public Folders, Outlook Folders and now Google.