MetaVis Releases Permissions Management for SharePoint, Office 365
With a product that reaches into as many parts of the enterprise as Office 365 potentially does, security was always going to be a problem. MetaVis (news, site) has released Security Manager for SharePoint and Office 365, which enables enterprises to analyze and manage security permissions across multiple SharePoint sites and farms, as well as permissions in Office 365.

Given that SharePoint plays a key role in the Office 365 suite, and the fact that it enables even small companies to use SharePoint, the expected uptake with the product will make security one of the most far-reaching problems for business in general.

With Security Manager, SharePoint administrators will be able to see and manage what a user has access to and who has access to specific sites across SharePoint 2010, 2007 or Office 365, including hybrid environments.

Even better, it’s easy to use and doesn’t interfere with SharePoint servers. Designed to simplify even the most difficult task, it provides in-depth analysis of existing security, and using standard SharePoint APIs eliminates the need for customized server-side controls, SQL Server access or elevated privileges.

And as it is agentless, users can manage hosted SharePoint environments such as those in Office 365 in the same way as on-premise systems.

Legacy permissions management tools rely on server-side installations or agents on the SharePoint server or even a dedicated server, making them hard to install. More importantly, they are not designed to work across hosted environments... We provide customers with an alternative solution to quickly and affordably manage SharePoint permissions and enforce security policies,” Steve Pogrebivsky, CEO of MetaVis Technologies said.

Security Manager

Built on MetaVis Information Architecture Platform, Security Manager operates with the MetaVis family of products for SharePoint migration, design, change management and classification. Security Manager supports SharePoint 2010, 2007, 2003, BPOS and Office 365.

It ensures permissions and security policies are assigned properly and offers reporting capabilities to help identify potential security risks. Security trimming is built in so that users are only able to view and manage objects that they have rights to in SharePoint.

MetaVis Security Manager for SharePoint and Office 365

MetaVis Security Manager for SharePoint and Office 365

Some of the features include:

  • Permissions management: Enables administrators to set up, delete, transfer duplicate and enforce SharePoint permissions across multiple sites or farms
  • Reduce administration costs: Enables the application of security and permissions policies in bulk
  • Simplification: Provides control over security permissions from item level up
  • Improved SharePoint Visibility: Detailed reports focused on security.

In practical terms, what this means is that administrators can:

  • Browse, add, edit and delete groups, users’ permissions in a visual, hierarchical structure of site collections
  • Manage several farms through one interface
  • Copy permissions across multiple farms
  • Manage permissions for multiple objects at the same time
  • Analyze a user’s or group’s permissions for any site, list or item
  • Transfer roles between users addressing issues such as employee turnover and new hires (coming soon)

MetaVis, SharePoint

That MetaVis is the first to come up with a security management application for SharePoint and Office 365 is not really a surprise, given that it was one of the first companies off the mark when Office 365 was originally released.

But keep in mind that this is not just about Office 365; it’s about SharePoint, too, and in that respect, it has been building tools for SharePoint since the beginning.

Recent notable releases in this respect include a tool for migrating content into SharePoint as well as managing that content once it arrived there and, more recently, file and metadata migration.

This latest application is available now. You can get a free trial from the website, if you want to see where it goes. Otherwise, if you happen to be in Washington at the SharePoint Saturday conference running until Saturday, you can see it in operation at booth #116.