Microsoft, Infosys Partner to Bring Cloud to Enterprises

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Infosys has announced that it has partnered with Microsoft to give an added push to its cloud computing drive that will see it combining its knowledge business needs through its consultancy work, with the cloud computing abilities of Microsoft.

Microsoft is bringing to the partnership its portfolio of cloud technologies such as Azure and Office 365, which it has been trying to push since its launch, while Infosys will bring to the partnership a reach into enterprises and numerous verticals that can only be good for Microsoft.

Infosys, Microsoft

Specifically, the partnership will see the two companies working and collaborating on the development of solutions that will cover technical proof-of-concepts, as well as sales and marketing initiatives to meet the needs of global enterprises in verticals such as financial services, manufacturing and healthcare.

While Microsoft gets access to enterprises that it might not have had access to before, Infosys will develop its cloud portfolio of products by offering private cloud solutions such as Windows Server Hyper-V and Microsoft System Center as well as solutions on the Azure cloud.

Speaking to CMSWire before the announcement, Vishnu Bhat, head of cloud at Infosys says that, from an enterprise point of view, the partnership will help organizations optimize their computing power by harnessing Microsoft’s cloud expertise.

Learning Opportunities

Most enterprises using the cloud at the moment are using the cloud for straightforward services such as email and storage, but he said there has been a change in the mindset of the company’s customers over the past six months to application development and business innovation.

Cloud Accountability

This collaboration is significant for Infosys as it strengthens its Cloud Ecosystem Integrator offering to its clients. The scope of the collaboration strengthens its ability to provide a single point of accountability for its clients’ cloud needs and objectives, by leveraging established cloud technologies from Microsoft.

But this is not Infosys' first incursion into the cloud. It already provides a range of cloud services that covers lifecycle ownership of its clients’ cloud initiatives, with a well-established partner ecosystem behind it.

And that ecosystem already consists of more than 30 cloud providers, addressing various aspects of the cloud adoption.