Microsoft has finally put Office 2016 IT Pro and Developer into technical preview.

To be clear about this, this is not the first time glimpse of Office 2016. It was in private preview, so we knew quite a bit about it already.

But now we have the definitive word. At the Convergence conference in Atlanta today, Microsoft gave a clear outline of where it stands with Office 2016 and where it wants to go with it.

Keeping It Safe

Much of what was revealed is related to security and data protection. That should keep Office 365 IT managers and administrators happy.

According to KirkKoenigsbauer, corporate vice president for the Office 365 Client Apps and Services team, today's outline is a glimpse of future functionalities. For right now, the focus is on data loss protection (DLP)

Learning Opportunities

In recent years, Microsoft has added DLP to enterprise applications like SharePoint, OneDrive for Business and Exchange. The idea is to convince enterprises that Microsoft products, online and in the cloud, are secure.

With Word, Excel and PowerPoint now key elements of Microsoft productivity suite online, data security is paramount. This upgrade aims to reassure users.

IT administrators will now be able to centrally create, manage and enforce polices for content authoring and document sharing. End users will see policy tips or sharing restrictions when apps detect a potential policy violation.