Migrate From Any Version to SharePoint 2013 with New Metalogix Content Matrix 6.0

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Metalogix has announced a big change to one of its core offerings as its Migration Manager tool is now called Content Matrix. Is it a marketing move with just a cool new name or will it offer the easy to use features so many people need in a SharePoint environment?

The evolution of Migration Manager to Content Matrix really picked up speed this summer when the company announced the integration of its file sharing tool StoragePoint with Migration Manager. This made the complex problem of content migration a bit simpler and a bit faster; something the latest move also does, but with bonus Office 365 and Office 365 Dedicated capabilities thrown in. 

Content Owners Rule

Got SharePoint sprawl? Content Matrix allows for reorganizing of sites and workspaces in SharePoint. Of course, those content owners will only be able to do as much as their permissions allow, but at least their content will be in the right place. 

Additionally, content owners can tag and classify their content inside SharePoint (again, if they have permission to do this), and users of SharePoint's Managed Metadata feature will see metadata terms applied to multiple files simultaneously.


Content Matrix can upgrade to SharePoint 2013 from previous versions 2003, 2007 and 2010.

Learning Opportunities

For those who need to move content from places like Google Apps, Documentum or a blog or wiki, Content Matrix takes all those structures and permissions and assigns them to the equivalent SharePoint features. That way, things like document create dates and blog post authors are not lost in the move. 

Upgrade to SharePoint 2013

For those using older versions of SharePoint, there is no way to upgrade right to SharePoint 2013 using Microsoft's Database Attach tool. An intermediate step would have to be taken in that instance, and with Content Matrix, it could be skipped. 

This also helps for providing a new path for discontinued functionality from those older SharePoint versions. A website based on an old template will be directed to the SharePoint 2013 version, for example. Social features can also be integrated from wiki content or Web forums so they don't have to be phased out when upgrading. 

Metalogix has had a busy year, and Content Matrix puts the company in a good position as more companies move to the cloud and take on new challenges. Pricing for Content Matrix is available from Metalogix on request.