While the standard response to the question as to whether SaaS, cloud computing or outsourcing are the best thing for your company is "yes," HP (news, site) has released a suite of software for CIOs that will measure just that and provide in-depth insight into how your IT deployments are actually performing.

However, the new HP IT Performance Suite is not exclusively for these kinds of deployments and aims to give CIOs an overview of how IT is performing across the enterprise in general, and the information needed to dedicate resources to whatever part of the enterprise actually needs them.

Assessing IT

As a result, HP says, enterprise IT will be better able to respond to shifting priorities in the business -- a kind of rapid response indicator, or what might be referred to in other software spaces as an agility enabler.

While this will be useful for IT administrators and CIOs, who still say that their resources are insufficient to do what they are supposed to do, it will also offer the business end of the enterprise a better view of what is needed to perform customer or employee-facing tasks.

One of the advantages of the new system is that it should be able to standardize Key Performance Indicators (KPIs), most of which are currently gathered for different systems using different methods and producing a bundle of information that can be difficult to assess and even more difficult to respond to in a coherent fashion.

HP IT Performance Suite

So what does it do? The HP IT Performance Suite comes with the Executive Scorecard that provides views of critical performance indicators and has in-built capabilities to integrate data from multiple sources.

A result, users get an insight into a range of solutions to manage and optimize application development, infrastructure, operations management, security and information management, among other things.

Executive Scorecard will come with an initial group of 50 KPIs out of 150 that HP has already identified and are displayed on customizable dashboards that provide real-time insights into IT performance across the enterprise.

The CIO Edition Standard, including the Executive Scorecard, is the HP IT Performance Suite’s first persona-oriented solution, and will come with Financial Planning and Analysis, Project and Portfolio Management and Asset Manager modules.

IT Performance Suite uses HP's lifecycle approach to software development and management, and integrates industry standards such as the Information Technology Infrastructure Library (ITIL).

HP has not said when exactly it will be released except to say that it will be available soon.