New Partnership Will Accelerate Global Delivery of Cloud-Based Solutions

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Cloud services are best delivered with the lowest latency, particularly given the increasing popularity of cloud-based applications as replacements to desktop applications. Given this market potential, Equinix and OpSource have announced a partnership under the Platform Equinix branding to accelerate the global delivery of scalable cloud solutions, with focus on enterprises, financial institutions and service providers.

Equinix (news, site) is a NASDAQ-listed data center provider, with a presence in 35 markets worldwide, including North America, Europe and Asia Pacific. The company provides its services to 3,700 clients through more than 600 network service providers in these regions, which includes cloud applications, among others. OpSource (news, site), meanwhile, offers scalable cloud and managed hosting solutions. The company currently handles 400 clients running SaaS, cloud platforms and other deployments, many of which are under its flagship OpSource Cloud brand.

Sharing of Resources and Benefits

The partnership will involve sharing of resources, including co-marketing, training and development. OpSource will provide cloud services and managed hosting through Equinix. Meanwhile, Equinix will let OpSource deploy its services to clients via a geographically-targeted distribution network, thereby reducing network latency. Through the partnership, OpSource effectively becomes part of Platform Equinix, which is Equinix's business ecosystem that takes advantage of the company's presence in varied markets across the globe.

Vince DiMemmo, General Manager for Cloud and IT Services at Equinix highlights the mutual benefits that both service providers will get from the venture, citing the potential for growth, with OpSource being able to access new markets.

Together, we offer customers the best of both worlds -- a high performance global data center environment and access to enterprise-class cloud and managed hosting services that can be customized to address each organization's unique application requirement, he says.

Meanwhile, Treb Ryan, OpSource CEO highlights the benefits that low-latency hybrid cloud solutions can provide customers.

Learning Opportunities

OpSource's White Label Public Cloud program is a perfect fit for global carriers and service providers looking to launch high-performance public cloud services, he adds.

Synergy: The Competitive Advantage of Partnerships

Around the world, companies are vying to adopt cloud-based systems and deployments. One basic limitation of setting up a private or hybrid cloud deployment though, is the network latency, which is usually prevalent when data has to be coursed through distances. Gartner predicts a rising trend in partnerships between cloud providers and datacenter companies with a global presence, which can help address this.

Lydia Leong, Gartner vice president for research, notes that the popularity of cloud offerings has produced some creative partnerships among service providers that turn out to be synergistic.

Many of the use cases that IT buyers are considering when evaluating cloud service models require enterprise-class solutions, including high levels of availability, performance, security and flexibility. Partnerships can significantly expand the options available to IT buyers, especially where hybrid offerings are desired, she says.

CMSWire earlier reported that the demand for cloud computing will drive a convergence of Infrastructure-as-a-Service and web hosting offerings within the next five years, as predicted by Gartner. While most service providers are offering both traditional web hosting and cloud services on different platforms, these are likely to be unified in the short term, as technologies mature. Joint ventures like Equinix and OpSource, as well as previously reported partnerships attest to the viability of this prediction.