One of the principal business considerations around the new SharePoint 2013 official release is going to be pricing. We already saw signs that with the Office 365 upgrade, Microsoft is pushing users towards subscription models. But what about SharePoint 2013 as SaaS? Web hosting vendor Newtek is going to be offering just that.

SharePoint, SaaS

Newtek Web Hosting is a subsidiary of the much larger and better known Newtek Business Services, enterprises that are looking to move to SharePoint 2013 to take advantage of the new components only have to sign up and start working.

There are many obvious advantages to this, not least of which is that with the Newtek services, enterprises won’t have to worry about the deployment issues or managing their SharePoint environment as this will all be done in a hosted environment.

Of course, pricing is going to be the big driver here, with Newtek saying said that the new hosted service will be suitable for small businesses and will offer them an alternative to SharePoint Online. Start-up pricing will look like this:

Newtek pricing.jpg

SharePoint is and should be a staple for Microsoft Windows users in business, both big and small, as it enables small- to medium-sized independent business owners to share critical information with trusted advisors … it also reduces the costs of communication, while adding the highest levels of security as we host the application in our military-strength, Tier-4 data center in Scottsdale, Arizona,” said Newtek CEO Barry Sloane.

Newtek's SharePoint 2013 SaaS Solution

Newtek’s solution is also notable in that it provides both Standard and Enterprise user level access to the application under the same account.

It also covers all the business functions that have resulted in the level of deployment that we are seeing at the moment. Functionality includes:

  • App building on common web technologies
  • Publish Apps to SharePoint Store
  • Easy site building
  • Searches to procure relevant results
  • Simple archiving, e-Discovery and case management capabilities across SharePoint, Exchange and Lync.

While the benefits for Newtek are clear -- after all, hosting is their business -- for Microsoft there should be benefits too. Newtek is specifically targeting SMBs, a market that Microsoft has always been anxious to please.

The new SharePoint 2013 Cloud environment is also a child of Microsoft, having been built using Windows Server 2012, System Center and Hyper-V virtualization technology.