We earlier introduced Nimbula Director (news, site) as an on-premise cloud management system akin to Amazon EC2. Launched in public beta December 2010, Nimbula has recently announced general availability of its Nimbula Director cloud OS, as well as a functional free version for enterprise users up to a certain scale.

Nimbula Director lets users manage on-site and off-premise resources, which can help ensure efficient and flexible utilization of datacenters. The system is based on Nimble's cloud operating system, and users can expect easier management of both private and public clouds.


Nimbula Director Architecture

Flexible, Scalable

Nimbula Director is designed for flexibility and scalability. End users can expect these features:

  • Zero-touch install -- Nimbula can be deployed on any number of servers, and when additional servers are added, Nimbula installs and configures on the new system without the need for user intervention.
  • Self-monitoring and self-healing -- Nimbula Director will dynamically manage failovers without human intervention. This means IT departments will require less time for maintenance and management, and can instead focus on development and innovation.
  • Self-service provisioning -- End users can more easily provision resources, manage and launch instances, which reduces the need to interact with IT departments.
  • Layer 2 network provisioning -- This ensures that resources are allocated to individual users, as the need arises.
  • Distributed rule-based layer 3 firewall -- This ensures security independent of network configuration, topography or geography.
  • Federation to public clouds -- Nimbula offers controlled federation with external or public cloud services, such as Amazon EC2. This enables scalability, as users can federate into off-site resources as the need arises.

Free License

The best thing about Niimbula Director is that it's free. Nimbula offers free-of-charge licenses to user deployments under 40 cores, which can also get paid support, as the need arises. In excess of 40 cores, though, Nimbula Director is licensed on an annual subscription basis, which already includes support and maintenance.

Nimbula is promising, not just because of its flexibility, but also because of its roots. Nimbula Director's development team includes the same folks that brought Amazon EC2 to the world: Chris Pinkham and Willem van Biljon. Nimbula offers scalability, automation, and federation between public and private clouds. Nimbula's full (non-beta) release will be available for download within the next few weeks.