Nuxeo 5.6 Launches with Adaptive Workflow, Desktop Synchronization

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Open source enterprise content management (ECM) provider Nuxeo has released a new version of its platform. The new release, Nuxeo Platform 5.6, includes several major improvements that help enterprise create more full-featured solutions.

What’s New

Nuxeo Platform 5.6 now has an integrated workflow engine businesses can use to route content. Previously, Nuxeo used jBPM to manage workflow; the new engine is designed from the ground up for Nuxeo, but jBPM is still compatible.

The new engine allows users to modify a workflow’s steps while it is in process and specify ad hoc tasks. This feature could be a big win for businesses that must support processes that are mostly standard, but occasionally support special cases.  Nuxeo also includes a graphical workflow design tool that allows developers to configure forms, views and business logic right inside of Nuxeo Studio.

In addition to the new workflow features, Nuxeo has made several other updates to the platform. The Nuxeo Studio now includes:

  • Tab Designer that allows designers to build custom business views of content
  • Improved hot reload
  • Creation of complex types

Nuxeo has also added Nuxeo Drive, a file synchronization client that supports two-way synchronization between Nuxeo and the desktop. Nuxeo Drive is available as a preview feature, but the company plans a full release before the end of the year.

Learning Opportunities

 Other new features include:

  • Multi-tenancy support at the application and container level
  • Updated content diffs, document templating and social features
  • A template for building hybrid HTML5/native applications

Nuxeo tends to always include a good mix of features focused on developers and users in its enterprise CMS and it seems that the 5.6 release is no exception.

Additional Details

Nuxeo has created a webinar series that discusses the new features in detail. Nuxeo Platform 5.6 is available now as an on premises or cloud solution. It can be downloaded from the Nuxeo site.