Today, open source enterprise content management (ECM) provider Nuxeo announced an integration with Eclipse’s (news, site) open source Business Intelligence Report Tool (BIRT), enabling users to create, ahem, intelligent reports based on data in the Enterprise CMS platform.

BIRT Analytics Plus ECM

The recently announced Nuxeo BIRT Integration offers Nuxeo Document Management users the analytics capabilities of Eclipse’s version of BIRT without leaving the Nuxeo application. Eclipse’s version of BIRT provides core-reporting features such as report layout, extensible data access and multiple options for integration. The BI platform supports a variety of report types for data presentation:

  • Lists -- Simple lists of data; lists also support grouping, and, if the data is numeric, totals, averages and other summaries
  • Charts -- Allow visualization of data; BIRT includes multiple chart types such as pie charts, line and bar charts, which can be rendered in SVG and support events to allow user interaction
  • Crosstabs -- These matrix reports show data in two dimensions
  • Letters & Documents -- Reports can be used to create templates for common document types
  • Compound Reports -- A combination of the other report types into one report



BIRT charts

BIRT is popular, and, according to Actuate, the commercial company behind BIRT, over 750,000 developers currently use the platform.

Now that Actuate and Nuxeo have collaborated to release the BIRT Nuxeo integration, Nuxeo administrators can import report models created using BIRT’s report designer into Nuxeo or create a report model from within the ECM environment.


BIRT model creation

Nuxeo users can then create reports based on the predefined models and generate those reports to run calculations and queries from the parameters defined in the report with leaving the ECM environment.

The BIRT integration package works with on Nuxeo DM 5.4.1+. Once users install the BIRT integration, their ECM environment is updated with:

  • A vertical tab, called Reporting, in the Admin Center
  • A document type, called Report, is available in workspaces and sections

According to Nuxeo, the solution is meant to address the needs of: 

    • Content management solution architects, by offering advanced reporting tools within the Nuxeo ECM platform

    • ECM application users, by providing easy, secure access to sophisticated, real-time reports directly from the ECM application interface

    • System integrators, with a ready-to-use ECM/BI integration built with the robust, leading BIRT and Nuxeo technologies, so that they can quickly ramp up on projects and proofs of concept."

Documentation of features for the integration is available on Nuxeo’s’ site for those who want to learn more.

Getting BIRT for Nuxeo ECM

Version 1.0.0 of the integration package is available now on the Nuxeo Marketplace.