There were many issues addressed this afternoon at Nuxeo World around the release of v5.6, Nuxeo World, which is currently under way in Paris, gave many their first real look at some of the highlights, including the Content Routing feature.

Content Routing in Nuxeo

Content Routing is not, as might be imagined from the title, a process itself, but rather a workflow engine that as far as can be, automates processes around case management applications.

The original content routing was developed some two years ago and talked up a bit at last year's Nuxeo World, but it was only in v5.6 that it got its first, widespread public airing.

Most of the talk around content routing this afternoon focused on different case scenarios where it might be used, from accounting, to human resources, to invoicing, with one example presented by Alain Escaffre around travel authorization.

These may seem like small things to make a fuss about, but in terms of time saving and the consequent cost cutting, not to mention issues about the preservation of data for compliance purposes, this looks like a winner.

Specifically designed for case management applications and using platform services that are already available on the platform for views, forms, business logic and APIs, it comes with a whole pile of features for application developers and end users.

Simple to use, according to Escaffre, even without knowledge of Java, it can be learned in as little as a week depending on what needs to be learned, enabling users to modify workflow in midstream and incorporating workflows into real time work scenarios.

It can be used with any content-centric application from document management to case management and all the way around to integrations with other business process management systems.

As it is has been built inside Nuxeo Studio, it comes with a graphical editor and workflow viewer as well as tools to monitor and adapt the running of instances of these processes.

Content Routing Roadmap

But it would seem that this is very much a work in progress, and according to Escaffre there is still some way to go on the roadmap of this feature, just indeed as there is in the Nuxeo platform roadmap.

The general roadmap includes the release of the next upgrade -- v5.7 -- sometime in the first quarter of next year, with the release of the v6.0 major release slated for the end of next year, so still plenty of time for developments here.

Content Routing will be built into this cycle, but the short term plans for it will include:

  • Improvements on graphic display
  • Better integration with layout system
  • An improved management console

Other improvements, which are likely to be more long term -- we assume this means improvements for the v6.0 -- include things like extended dashboards and ultimately finishing it off, although what the final version will look like will probably change as all these things do.

The next stage in this process will be early next year with v5.7, which should provide a lot of interest, even if only for upgrades in Content Routing.