Secure cloud services provider Perimeter E-Security today released a new hosted version of its Archive Anywhere mailbox archive solution for Microsoft Office 365. Archive Anywhere is a cloud-based service designed to make it easy for users to view and search their entire mailbox archives anywhere, on any device.

Opening Access to Office 365 Email

John Viega, EVP of products and engineering at Perimeter E-Security, explained the rationale behind Archive Anywhere for Microsoft Office 365 in an interview with CMSWire. “Any customer of Office 365 will be able to have access to their email archives on any device they own,” he said.

According to Viega, Office 365 users have had challenges gaining access to their email archives and using archives in place of their regular inbox when Microsoft's services go down. “If Microsoft service goes down, Archive Anywhere users will still be able to send and receive email through the application from any device,” he said.

Viega cited ease of use as the biggest advantage Archive Anywhere offers compared to other email archive products for Office 365. “There are software products that give plug-in access to Outlook, but they are difficult to use,” he said.

“It’s also important that with Archive Anywhere, people can have access to messages they may have deleted in the past. People often say, ‘I wish I still had that email.’ Now they can quickly search their email archive and find whatever they are looking for.”

Viega said that Archive Anywhere for Office 365 uses native technology with no application to download and is compatible with “every email browser on the market.” Patent-pending technology allows the solution to run on a single platform and adjust to the native requirements of different devices. In addition, the solution provides anywhere, anytime access to compliance and continuity archives.

Symantec Survey Shows Need for Office 365 Email Archiving

Symantec’s TechEd Survey 2012 of 100 qualified respondents revealed that while 30% of respondents have moved or are considering moving email archiving to the cloud and 42% of respondents are discussing a planned migration to Office 365, only 6% have already migrated. Before migrating to Microsoft Office 365, there are still issues many organizations need to sort out when it comes to managing unstructured data. Ninety-three percent of respondents said they face at least one issue associated with unstructured data that is somewhat or extremely challenging. The top three challenges associated with unstructured data included (1) keeping up with file system growth, (2) the proliferation of duplicate data and (3) excessive storage costs.

These results reinforce the need to archive with a third-party system, which can automatically move older, not-recently-accessed information from primary systems to a separate archive, where it’s compressed and deduplicated.

Value-Added Cloud Services Offer Partner Potential

The release of Archive Anywhere for Office 365 and other similar solutions offers opportunity to channel partners as well as to end users. ChannelNomics reports that “Office365 has earned considerable attention, especially as the platform becomes an on-ramp to more cloud adoption.” Major telecom carriers like Sprint and Verizon are also reportedly preparing to offer Office 365 solutions, which ChannelNomics says makes it “easy to see how quickly value-added cloud services are expanding -- and this should create expanded partner opportunities.”

Perimeter is a Microsoft Certified Gold Development Partner and developed the solution as an initiative with Office 365. The service is available as a feature to all existing Perimeter customers, as well as customers of other hosted mail solutions and in-house email, and is also available as part of Perimeter's suite of secure cloud messaging solutions.