Open Source Business Process Management is a Growing US Market
The business process management (BPM) market is showing no signs of slowing down and to support this growing market, open source BPM provider BonitaSoft (news, site) has chosen to launch operations in the US. And they've brought a new version of their solution with them.

BPM in the US

According to BonitaSoft, over 1/3 of the downloads of Bonita Open Solution, its open source BPM, are coming from the US. It's a growing market and it only makes sense that BonitaSoft establish themselves officially in North America.

So Founder and CEO Miguel Valdés Faura has moved From France to San Fransisco and established BonitaSoft's new head office. In addition, Dave Cloyd has set up shop in Boston, heading up business development. With both coasts covered, they seem primed to market the company's latest version Bonita Open Solution 5.3.

Bonita Open Solution 5.3 is the commercial version of the open source Bonita project, created at the beginning of this year. It's doing well, averaging 35,000 downloads per month. It's also helpful that BonitaSoft has a number of technology partnerships with some well known open source companies including Canonical, JasperSoft and SugarCRM.

With the JasperSoft partnership, BonitaSoft integrates BI reporting and is able to offer deeper aggregate analytics for modeling processes (JasperSoft is also in the US).

Available also via OEM, we've already mentioned its relationship with eXo. The agreement between the two follows a number of years working together which resulted in the release of eXo’s DMS with Bonita’s BPM earlier this year. With this new agreement, the two companies will be offering users dedicated support and services for the new product that includes a document collaboration and validation system as well as automated records management.

Today's BPM Solution

There has been a lot of focus on business process management lately, particularly where it concerns the knowledge worker. The realization has been that traditional BPM cannot support the unstructured processes used by Knowledge Workers. As a result, Adaptive Case Management has become a widely discussed capability.

But that doesn't mean that BPM is a dying market. Far from it. Although it's a much smaller percentage of processes that fit the structured process modeling for BPM, they still exist. And solutions are still needed to support them.

Bonita Open Solution 5.3 is a platform that includes a process design studio, a Java-based BPM engine and an execution environment. The new version of Bonita Open Solution offers a couple of needed capabilities for today's BPM market including:

  • The ability to simulate a process to ensure it works properly before deployment to production
  • Support for cloud-based solutions using mutli-tenancy and REST services


Bonita Open Solution Use Experience

A graphical modeling interface provides the ability to model processes without writing a line of code. This supports business users who want to model processes. There are also over 100 connectors to both open source and proprietary applications like Alfresco, JasperSoft, eXo, Talend, Oracle, SAP and SharePoint.

Here's a quick look at the solution in action:

Bonita Open Solution 5.3 is available for download now under the GPL license. You can also obtain support and training from BonitaSoft, in addition to consulting services.