Shhh ... don’t tell, but the news is out on the web: EMC has released a new Documentum developer edition and it includes open source components. Not just that, but anyone -- not just EMC customers -- can download it for free. 

pfitzner documentum.png

Though it was announced last month in a blog post on EMC's community developer network page, we have yet to see a press release or single news article about it, which is surprising for such a big deal.

You would think EMC would want people to know.

Yours If You Find It

Documentum developers have been begging to see the source code for years and now they finally can. Provided, that is, that they know about it.

A Completely Open Source Stack

According to notes on the EMC-hosted Documentum Developer blog, the Open Source stack consists of CentOS 6.4, PostgreSQL 9.2, Apache Tomcat 7.0.50 and Java

The free downloadable developer edition includes Documentum Content Server, Documentum REST services and Documentum Administrator within a single virtual image.

Learning Opportunities

Downloading the Developer Edition, according to EMC, is “a simple matter of opening up the vmdk file using either VMWare workstation or VMware player. No additional licensing is required.”

It’s worth mentioning that the developer’s edition is not intended for commercial use. According to the documentation: “Please keep in mind that the Developer Edition is limited to development use; it cannot be used for deploying production applications, nor is it intended for testing scalability and performance.”

Goodbye to Oracle and Other Expensive Proprietary Databases?

Part of the expense of using Documentum is the infrastructure needed to host it. Oracle and other proprietary databases aren't exactly free.

And while we haven’t seen clues as to what the next Enterprise Edition might look like, you can’t help but wonder: does EMC finally get the value of an Open Source stack, the cloud (dare we say public?) era, and that we work in a world in which everyone knows that developers are the kingmakers?

If you have an idea as to how all of this will play out, tell us, or maybe EMC can fill us in someday.