For its first acquisition of 2013, OpenText has bought a long-time fellow traveller Resonate Knowledge Technologies (KT) which has been working with the OpenText Content Server and Enterprise CMS offerings for a long time.

OpenText, Resonate

Neither company has said how much the deal is worth, but Resonate KT already has a substantial customer base of over 500 clients so it probably wasn’t the cheapest buy ever.

In a blog post about the deal OpenText CEO Mark J. Barrenechea said that he had always been impressed with the Resonate KT portfolio, which in effect extends, or improves, OpenText’s information management offerings, adding an edge that should help OpenText in an increasingly competitive enterprise CMS market.

What is really interesting here is that with Resonate KT, OpenText will be able to offer its clients an unstructured data visualization tool that can be tailored to suit end-user requirements.

In other words, in combination with OpenText’s portfolio, Resonate KT will be able to show and visualize data that is often very difficult to detect or trace, and in doing so improve the business decision making capabilities of users.

While structured data still poses a problem, it is to a large extent a controlled quantity in the enterprise equation. Unstructured data is a different animal altogether and is becoming increasingly complex -- and useful -- as more and more unstructured data enters the enterprise through channels like social media, or customer contacts.

OpenText, Unstructured Data

The whole idea here is to present all the data available on a subject in the enterprise to users. Resonate KT offers improved, visual access to accurate information well as a development platform they can use to create custom applications.

According to Barrenechea, components of the technology will be built into the core ECM offerings to enhance the user experience through visual extensible tools.

Current key products from Resonate KT include WebReports, WebReports Extensions for Workflow, ActiveView, and ActiveView Mobile.

However, he doesn’t say whether that means Resonate KT will be an add on that remains separate, whether it will be entirely integrated, or whether it will just be some elements will be integrated with the rest discarded.

OpenText has been buying what it needs over the past couple of years to fill out perceived holes in its technology -- a strategy that appears to be working if its quarterly figures are anything to go by.