Global 360 has done another SharePoint in the Enterprise survey and the results are on track with what's being said at the SharePoint Conference in Anaheim this week: SharePoint 2010 deployments are increasing.

OpenText is Microsoft's biggest ECM and BPM partner, so it's good for them to keep a close eye on what's happening in the world of SharePoint so they can grow their SharePoint products in line. To help them do that, OpenText Global 360 conducts a semi-annual survey: How are Businesses using Microsoft® SharePoint® in the Enterprise? Fall 2011 Market Survey. The results of the latest one were released at SPC11 today.

SharePoint 2010 Taking Over SharePoint 2007

The biggest takeaway from the survey is that deployments of SharePoint 2010 are finally happening more than SharePoint 2007 implementations. According to the survey 49% of respondents use SharePoint 2010 and 43% use 2007. In the last survey, 87% were using SharePoint 2007.

This is a good sign that SharePoint 2010 is nice and stable and organizations are ready to take advantage of all the things it offers over the 2007 version.

BPM & Workflow Get Some Attention

There are many who would say you can't use SharePoint for business process management. Others disagree. In this survey, it's the others who seem to win out. BPM apps were listed as the top third party application type for SharePoint with 67% saying they are using or planning to use BPM tools with their SharePoint implementation.

Learning Opportunities

This would seem to demonstrate that although SharePoint may not be able to do BPM out of the box without a lot of custom coding, the integration of third party solutions is important and can support SharePoint orgs in that goal of using SharePoint for BPM.

Back to Strategy Again

I'm really not going to say that this one surprises me, because it doesn't. The lack of business strategy is number two on the list of challenges for organizations. This is second only to adoption/training and governance comes close behind. There's not much to say here, except: plan, people, plan.

Lots More on SharePoint Deployments

You can read the entire fall 2011 survey results below, but here are a couple more that were of interest:

  • 44% don't have a training program
  • Only 15% are considering SharePoint in Office365
  • 23% says more than half of the docs stored in their SharePoint farm are critical
  • 20% says the most beneficial capability of 2010 is search & navigation across site collections