OpenText Places New Business Processes on Azure
It's only a little over a month since OpenText launched its business process management strategy and already we’re starting to see some moves from the Business Process Solutions group. This week’s announcement sees OpenText adding a list of process and case management solutions to the Azure platform.

The relationship between OpenText and Microsoft has been well documented before, and OpenText already placed its records management and archiving solutions on Azure more than three years ago.

But this is taking that relationship to a new level and, apart from the fact that users will now have the possibility of deploying these solutions on-premise, in the cloud, or as a hybrid combination of both, the functionality that is now being offered has been considerably extended.

Business Process Solutions

The extended strategy sees the two companies committing to a four-year technology alliance along with customer-facing resources to provide efficient and scalable process solutions to businesses over the course of the agreements.

The reasoning behind it, from Microsoft’s point of view anyway, is that because so many organizations are using SharePoint, Office, SQL Server, Visio, Lync, Dynamics and the Windows Azure cloud as part of their core infrastructure, complementary solutions are needed to extend and build up that platform.

And OpenText has stepped up to the mark to provide archival, governance, document capture, faxing, extended records management, business process management and case management solutions among others.

The Windows Azure cloud opens up a number of interesting new application possibilities while also giving customers more deployment options that will lead to greater efficiency, simplified deployments and lower operating costs,” James Latham, Chief Marketing Officer for OpenText said.

Microsoft, OpenText

But, the joint statement from the two companies said, the extended partnership is not just about adding existing applications to the cloud; it is also about collaboration.

The two companies say they will be collaborating on new scenarios that will exploit the elasticity of the cloud, although where that could go is still a matter for speculation.

With many organizations using SharePoint, Office, SQL Server, Visio, Lync, Dynamics and the Windows Azure cloud as part of their core infrastructure, there is a strong need for complementary solutions that extend, enhance and build upon the Microsoft platform.

The BPS group in OpenText was only officially launched in November. It's early days yet and should produce some interesting results even in its first year.