Panorama's Necto 14 Helps Turn Data to Business Stories

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Extracting useful insights from data is one thing. Understanding those insights — quickly and without the help of a data scientist — is another. That's why Toronto, Ontario-based Panorama Software developed Necto 14, an infographics-based business intelligence data discovery tool.

"Necto 14 introduces a new form of BI-related visualization, BI infographics," Panorama founder/CTO Rony Ross told CMSWire. Ross said these kinds of infographics are "extremely effective visualizations because they use familiar business visuals to aggregate huge amounts of data, and they speak the language of the organization."

Picturing Business Value

The live infographics  drill-downs, commenting, and discussions, and there's a large database of useable graphics.

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Self-service has also become a major trend in business intelligence, to the relief of more than a few IT departments. To accommodate it, Ross said Necto 14's embedded in-memory engine enables faster data modeling, the UI for reports is the same as for view or workboard and the tool has a built-in recommendation engine.

Learning Opportunities

The recommendation engine uses the context of a user's work and suggests other people in the organization for collaboration, as well as other relevant views/reports and possible root causes of issues being investigated.

Necto 14 also offers some social tools. Pictures of relevant co-workers can be dragged into a view, report, column or infographics to open a discussion pane. This saves "a snapshot of the data," Ross told us, "so when the other person opens the discussion, he will see the same data you saw when you asked the question." Other people brought into the discussion become an ad-hoc team, and a user can follow the workboards other people are using.

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