The results of last week's voting for seven new Foundation Board Members at the San Francisco Plone Conference have been announced.

On November 3, the nomination period closed and nine candidates for the seven board of director positions were announced. Active foundation members had until Friday, November 4, to cast their votes via email or in person at the Plone Conference.

Election Results

The new members of the Plone Foundation 2011-2012 Board are:

  • Érico Andrei
  • Geir Bækholt
  • Maurizio Delmonte
  • Sjoerd van Elferen
  • Carol Ganz
  • Matt Hamilton
  • Paul Roeland

Quiet 2011 for Plone

This year has been relatively quiet for the Plone open source CMS organization. Plone 4, the most recent major release, rolled out more than a year ago. Announced in August, Plone 4.1 offered some relatively minor updates and improvements. It looks like the new board members noticed the lack of activity in 2011.

The newly elected board plans to focus on marketing, with more news and announcements on the site, as well as stories about companies leveraging the Plone CMS. Another focus will be on proper Plone event behavior. In July, Plone announced the adoption of a new anti-harassment policy, saying:

The adoption of this policy has been in the works for several weeks, but in light of recent events at OSCON, and publicity around the matter from O’Reilly, we felt that it was important to take advantage of the attention being given to the matter at this time. We feel that this policy is not simply a token gesture, delivered to satisfy a perceived requirement of conference organizers, but instead goes to the core of both our personal beliefs and the beliefs of the community as a whole."

The new board also plans to have more transparency and communication with the Plone community.