It’s always been hard to keep track of SharePoint, particularly in enterprises that are using multiple installations. This became even more complicated with the release of SharePoint Online, and then Office 365. Quest aims to untangle the SharePoint maze with the release of a new SharePoint management solution.

While much of the promo material around this has focused on the management of Quest’s Site Administrator’s abilities to manage SharePoint Online -- and let's not diss that -- but it also offers management of SharePoint deployments on-premise and in hybrid environments, including those built around the SharePoint Online component of Office 365.

Quest Site Administrator

In effect, what it does is to give the user a bird's-eye view of their environment and what it's doing, using metrics and trends that offer insights into SharePoint and Office 365, including information on usage, data growth, storage of data and distribution.

While there is an obvious advantage here in the management of SharePoint licenses, it also offers the advantage of enabling IT managers to assess exactly how much use their SharePoint deployment is getting.

This is not always about assessing how much more SharePoint an enterprise needs. Even when it was first released, some companies thought that it would be overkill, and go way beyond their needs.

Others rushed into it and SharePoint's use across the enterprise has continued to expand since it was first launched. The result is that there are undoubtedly enterprises where it is being under-used, or even being scaled back. One way or the other, it still means economies for companies that are using it.

It also offers companies and IT managers a way of assessing the possibilities of moving all or some of their SharePoint deployments to the cloud. After all, if you don’t know what you have, you don’t know what you are going to have to move.

SharePoint Planning

As always, this, like everything else around SharePoint, revolves around planning. Yes, Quest Site Administrator offers enterprises a view of SharePoint use and deployments, but it is arguable that enterprises should have an idea of that anyway because their deployment has been carefully planned, right?

We know from a number of different reports over last year, however, that this is not always the case. SharePoint moves in and planning moves out. Quest’s Site Administrator tackles this, and takes the practical view of SharePoint that says many companies don’t know whets going on.