Cloud hosting and cloud computing service provider Rackspace (news, site) has recently announced its newest acquisition and a move to enhance its cloud infrastructure worldwide starting 2011.

With a foreseen uptake in cloud computing services worldwide, Rackspace has decided to add several new features to its cloud hosting services. Noting that enterprise clients have been using their cloud set-ups inefficiently, Rackspace is adding a better management system to help bring automation to the work of system administrators. For this purpose, the company has acquired Cloudkick.

Cloudkick's web applications are akin to a cockpit or dashboard that lets users manage complex cloud environments in a single control panel, making it easier to manage a cloud deployment.

Rackspace Integrates Cloudkick

In an interview with CMSWire, Jim Fagan, Rackspace vice president and managing director for Asia Pacific, shares the benefits that clients will get from Cloudkick.

[C]ustomers of Rackspace will enjoy an improved cloud computing experience. Users will now be able to consolidate and monitor several IT infrastructure environments in a unified dashboard giving them an efficient resource to easily deploy their server and computing requests," he says. "Cloudkick’s tools and technologies will also enhance Rackspace’s level of monitoring and support, and strengthen our foundation as we build a global hosting and cloud services company."

Rackspace is happy to have its first office in Silicon Valley through Cloudkick. Fagan says that the Cloudkick team is coming on board as a "talented and innovative addition to the Rackspace family."

Meanwhile, Cloudkick founder Alex Polvi says the acquisition will benefit the Cloudkick team by making its products available to more end-users. "With the support of Rackspace we look forward to fulfilling our vision, while getting our tools directly into the hands of customers as they adopt cloud computing," he adds.

Asia Pacific Expansion

Fagan also shared the company's plans and outlook for Rackspace in the APAC region. With a 26% projected annual growth rate for cloud computing demands, Rackspace views the region as a growth market.

We especially expect strong demand from the SME market.  Our experience in the United States is that SMEs and startups are aggressively adoption cloud computing. With the Rackspace Cloud, they are 'pay-as-they-go,' with no locked-in contract, and have the ability to utilize resources and expertise as needed."

The company has earlier opened its APAC headquarters in Hong Kong in 2008, and plans to replicate its US Public Cloud facility in said headquarters by 2011. This is intended to help tailor-fit the company's Rackspace Cloud offerings for the Asia-Pacific market