Private cloud solutions offer a number of advantages to businesses. They’re deployed on site, which provides improved control and flexibility, yet they also have the cost and scalability advantages of a public cloud.

But there is often one big drawback. The companies that use private clouds often have to develop the apps they need to use them effectively from scratch, a considerable challenge.

In an effort to ease this burden, Rackspace this week rolled out a suite of free, single-click solution templates that customers can use to quickly deploy today’s most widely used open source applications. The templates allow customers to launch a production-ready application stack on the company’s private cloud.

A Starting Point

The templates are built to scale in an enterprise production-level environment and "deliver multi-tier, scalable applications with redundancy, caching and high availability built-in,” said Bryan Thompson, senior director of product development for Rackspace.

Thompson said the goal was to build templates that followed industry best practices and standards and include features such as software plug-ins for enhanced functionality, as well as network isolation and firewalls to protect information.

Thompson described them as "starting points" for deployment of production-ready application stacks, adding: “We encourage customers to test out and take advantage of these templates so they don’t have to build them themselves.”

Customers can alter the template code based their needs, a process that may bring some challenges depending on their level of expertise, said Thompson.

The templates are available on Rackspace’s Github page, where companies can download the private cloud software. They include the following:

  • Magento, an open source e-commerce platform
  • Drupal, an open source content management system for websites
  • Galera, an open source database cluster solution for MySQL
  • MongoDB, an open source NoSQL document oriented database
  • ELK stack, a commonly used stack for log aggregation and analytics
  • Hortonworks HDP, an open source framework for storing, processing and analyzing large volumes of data

The company plans to keep its focus on security in light of its recent security struggle, Thompson said.  “In the event that Rackspace learns about third party issues that could impact our customers use of our services, Rackspace’s first priority is to ensure our customers’ environments are protected,” said Thomspon. "Rackspace strives to provide as much information to our customers as possible and regularly posts updates regarding any such issues on its community site."