Recommind Introduces EasyUpload to Improve eDiscovery

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Data management, analysis and governance solutions provider Recommind has released Axcelerate EasyUpload, a cloud based tool that helps with the management and transfer of electronically stored information (ESI).

In this digital age the way information is managed, shared and stored is changing; no longer is it the norm for files to be stacked in folders and documents transferred through external and internal mail. For legal departments, they are now relying on ESI and eDiscovery methods of file management and transfer. Recently IBM introduced a new eDiscovery tool, StoredIQ while Microsoft has incorporated eDiscovery features into its Microsoft Office platform.

Recommind and e-Discovery

Recommind has started to notice that many legal departments are now looking for a product that not only analyzes, stores and transfers ESI, but is secure and cost effective. With this mind, it created the Axcelerate EasyUpload tool.

eDiscovery software developers are continually attempting to design integrated platforms capable of performing the various functions of the eDiscovery lifecycle. Many claim their applications provide seamless integration across eDiscovery tasks, but few actually succeed,” said David Horrigan, attorney and analyst for eDiscovery and information governance at 451 Research. “One of the biggest challenges in the process is the need to convert to load files before the review process, a step fraught with substantial risk and cost.”

An eDiscovery Ecosystem

As part of Recommind’s Axcelerate eDiscovery suite, EasyUpload has turned the product into what Recommind is referring to as an “ecosystem.” Not only does the platform have a complete set of eDiscovery tools relating to early case assessment collection and processing, review and analyzing data pre and post data collection, but it now securely andquickly transfers data “between in-house counsel, outside counsel and regulatory authorities when needed.

Learning Opportunities

Therefore by having EasyUpload in the Axcelerate eDiscovery suite, legal departments no longer need to worry about the security, cost or transfer of ESI files and documents, which can improve the department’s overall workflow and productivity.

Some of the highlighted features of EasyUpload are:

  • Secure transfer: As was mentioned, Axcelerate EasyUpload allows in-house legal teams to analyze and select data for review and quickly transfer it via a secure connection to a Recommind hosting location.
  • Intelligent learning: Users don’t have to separate new information from old information when uploading it to the platform; EasyUpload recognizes when something new enters the system and automatically transfers it into the Axcelerate Review and Analysis solution.
  • Full Integration:Along with the Review and Analysis solution, EasyUpload can also be integrated with the other eDiscovery platform tool: Recommind’s Axcelerate ECA and Collection.

Companies that already use the ECA and Collection solution will receive EasyUpload as part of their next software update, at no additional charge. For those who don’t have the Axcelerate eDiscovery suite, there's a demo on the Recommind website.

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